Which Zelda Character Are You Most Like?

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A great quiz written by a Zelda fan for Zelda fans!

  • 1
    Okay, if you have a choice of where you want to live, where would you choose?
    Okay, if you have a choice of where you want to live, where would you choose?
    Hyrule Castle Town: Home of Princess Zelda!
    Kokiri Forest: Hopefully next door to Link! He rocks!
    Gerudo Fortress: Near Ganondorf's old room.
    Twilight Realm: I'd like to meet the Twili!
  • 2
    Weapon of choice?
    Weapon of choice?
    I prefer to use my ancestor's magic thank you very much!
    Magic lets me attack from a safe distance.
    Swords and Shields all the way!
    I don't really fight, but I want to!
    My giant sword and evil magic! muahahahaha!
  • 3
    Something happened...what's your response?
    No response, you caused it, whatever it is.
    Come on Link! Let's get going!
    Great...is Hyrule in trouble again? *grabs sword and shield*
    *sighs* Better get Link on it.
  • 4
    If you had a choice of a gift from the gods, what would it be?
    Nothin' much...just to be turned back into myself.
    I can't, I'm not a chosen one.
    I've got courage like a lion! See? *Triforce of Courage resonates on the back of your hand*
    Power! Must get stronger!
    I'm already a sage, I don't need anything.
  • 5
    What is your riding animal?
    I ride Wolf Link!
    Horses around the ranch!
    Giant Black stallion!
    I ride my white horse *insert name here*
    My horse, Epona!
  • 6
    Do you have an alter ego?
    No...I'm me!
    Yes...a Sheikah named Sheik
    Monster form named Ganon
    Does my old form count?
  • 7
    You see a wood tree next to a treasure chest! OMG! How do you get up there to get it's contents?
    I just have to fly.
    I climb.
    I warp using Farore's Wind.
    My Longshot. *pulls it out and shows it off*
    What treasure chest? Where? *looks around frantically*
  • 8
    What is in the treasure chest you found in question 7?
    *opens chest* Hey! Nothing's in here!
    Hopefully, something good. *opens chest very slowly*
    A piece of heart...I'll give it to Link later.
    *opens chest and pulls out fairy bow* Hey! So that's where I put that!
  • 9
    What are you most remembered for?
    Being the Princess of Hyrule and a sage.
    Being the king of evil.
    Hopefully, something Link did that involves me.
    Being the Hero of Time!
    I'm the Twilight Princess, what else can I be remembered for?
  • 10
    Your best friend?
    It really depends.
  • 11
    What do you do in a suspicious room?
    If I don't know where it is, I don't enter.
    Brace myself for something to happen to me.
    Nothing..I made the room that way.
    Grit my teeth.
    Naturally, I pull out my sword and shield!
  • 12
    In the suspicious room, what do you expect to pop out at you?
    Zant. *eyes narrow*
    Link trying to scare me.
    Something big, bad, and can kill me. Let me at it!
    Do I need to tell you again? I made the room that way!
    A cute fluffy bunny that I can hug, squeeze, keep as a pet and name George!
  • 13
    First thing that comes to mind?
    Is Zant really dead, or is he just in hiding? *gulps*
    I wonder what Zelda's doing today?
    Where should I strike next?
    What royal decree should I pass? *looks at a pile of papers and sighs*
    I wonder what I should do today?
  • 14
    What best describes you?
    A Sheep in Wolf's clothing
    Brave, willing to do what's right, and a traveller
    A hard worker
    Nice, sincere, wise, and very trustworthy
    A Wolf in sheep's clothing
  • 15
    Do you know any of the seven sages?
    Yeah...considering I woke all but two.
    What are sages?
    Nope...I've heard about them though.
    Yes, considering I am one.

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