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Which of the three boys(Eragon, Murtagh, or Roran) would you a match with?

  • 1
    Your date says he's going to pick you up at 5:00 but it's already 5:30... What do you do?
    Wait he's probably in traffic and wouldn't want me to be angry.
    Get upset and talk to him about it when he gets here. Maybe we can work out a way to get him here in time... the next time that is.
    Get angry and then forget about it completely when he walks in the door.
  • 2
    You get in the car and start driving. As it turns out the restaurant you are going to is a while away, so you try to have a conversation. You...
    Tell him how happy you are to be spending time with him, and watch his face light up with joy.
    Ask him how works been, and see him relax a little and open up to you.
    Make a joke about what he's wearing... then laugh about it with him.
  • 3
    You find out he's brought you to a french restaurant. Your reaction...
    You start talking in a fake french accent and pretend to speak french with you man.
    You jump up and down thanking him. You hug him and he blushes.
    You thank him and enter the restaurant, full of smiles.
  • 4
    You get a menu and begin to look it over. What do you order?
    Whatever looks good but isn't too much. You don't want to make him spend all his cash.
    You get something the two of you can share.
    You get something simple like a salad. Then you ask what he's in the mood for.
  • 5
    You finish dinner and the waiter comes to take your plates(or bowls). He asks if you would like some dessert, you...
    Look at you man and suggest that you go out for ice cream instead of getting something expensive from here.
    Say yes and get something big and sweet that you know you'll both love.
    Ask your man if he want anything. If he does then get something, if he doesn't then decline as well
  • 6
    After you leave the restaurant you find out that he wants to take you on a midnight stroll on the beach. What is your reaction?
    You smile and drag him towards the car telling him to hurry up. You can't wait to spend a nice walk alone with him.
    You tell him that his idea sounds wonderful and walk with back to the car.
    You are shocked, he never comes up with things this romantic.
  • 7
    You get to the beach and get out of the car. What do you do next?
    You dump you footwear in the backseat and thank him a lot while he removes his. Then you start walking, And then you start a water fight.
    Take your shoes and socks off and race him to the water where you start walking ankle deep in water.
    You take his hand and walk slowly along the beach talking about little things, but mostly enjoying the others company
  • 8
    You finish the walk and find yourselves back at the car. What happens next?
    You smile and look up at the stars for a while.
    You look down and notice that your feet are covered with sand. You giggle and begin to clean you feet off while your man does the same to his feet.
    You begin to laugh out loud because you notice you are dripping from head to foot... when did that happen?
  • 9
    It's getting late and you need to go home. On the drive home you...
    Crack jokes the whole time.
    Have a nice conversation about a random subject that came up.
    Talk about the fun things you did and talk about what you'll do next time.
  • 10
    Your on your front step to say good night. What happens?
    You tell him how great the night was and you kiss. After you pull away he smiles and lets you know that he also had a great time.
    He tells you how pretty you looked tonight and then you joke around for a bit before he kisses you and leaves.
    He asks if you enjoyed your night, when you say yes he grins and swoops in for a kiss.

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