What warrior are you?

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Find out what warrior you are today!

  • 1
    You are an apprentice. Your mother is brutally murdered.What do you do?
    Mourn your loss and eventually pull through
    Find out who killed her and hope karma is on your side.
    Don't give up. Keep searching for the murderer and kill them.
    Ignore it. You're old enough to forget.
  • 2
    You love a cat from another clan. Your leader absolutely hates traitors. What do you do?
    Do the right thing and don't betray anyone.
    Visit them every day and hope you don't get caught.
    Transfer to the other clan.
    Forget about the cat and move on.
    Go after them! I mean it's called LOVE!
  • 3
    The medicine cat asks you to help them with herb finding. You are extremely busy. You say...
    In one minute. I have to do something.
    Say never! I'm way too busy to help with that.
    Of course! I mean it's the medicine cat for Pete's sake!
  • 4
    You're out hunting and see someone who has been exiled from your clan.What do you do?
    Threaten them to leave.
    Race back to camp and tell everyone about them.
    Kill them and get it over with.
    Give them a warning and if they don't leave attack.
  • 5
    You are an apprentice who should become a warrior, but your leader refuses multiple times. You...
    Be reasonable, they're your leader and you must respect their choices.
    Try to prove yourself loyal by attacking another clan by yourself.
    Be frustrated inside, but don't show anything on the outside.
    Speak to your leader privately and try to talk some sense into them.
  • 6
    Someone tells you that they have prophecy dreams. They are extremely serious.You...
    Only tell the most trusted warriors about what they told you.
    Go to your leader and tell them that that cat is insane.
    Keep the secret between you and the other cat.
  • 7
    A cat you know is planning an attack on your leader. You...
    Go with your friend and attack her. I mean they're your friend don't let them down.
    Tell a trusted warrior or medicine cat of their plan.
    Tell your leader immediately!
  • 8
    An unknown creature is in your territory. You...
    Search for it, attack it, and risk your life for your clan.
    Leave it up to your leader.
    Follow your leader's orders to stay there.
    Join a ban of cats that is out to destroy it.
  • 9
    You are made deputy. You really want to be leader. You....
    Don't do anything, wait for StarClan's choice to let her go.
    Kill her and become leader.
    Make her stay on land a bit faster by making her work harder.
  • 10
    One of your kits has greencough. The medicine cat is extremely busy from the last battle. The kit is struggling for life. What do you do...
    Try to get the medicine cat to help with all you've got.
    Don't do anything, stick to your warrior duties.
    It's your kit! Don't let your child die. Spend every moment with them until the medicine cat can help.
    Help them with all your skills of the medicine cat.
    Let it die, it won't make a big difference.

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