Are you a total DRAMA QUEEN?

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Are you a drama queen? Do you freak out in the littlest situations? Find out here!

  • 1
    You just bought an adorable outfit at the mall. The next day at school, you find your biggest foe with the same outfit! What do you do?
    Just go on with your day, no big deal.
    Get changed into something else.
    Scream and tell her to change - you probably had the outfit first.
  • 2
    If a restaurant is out of your favorite meal, what do you do?
    Scream and demand they make more, even if they have to go overseas to get the ingredients.
    Choose another meal.
    Go to another restaurant.
  • 3
    You get a little zit on your nose...on Picture Day at school! What do you do?
    Scream and call in sick to school.
    Who cares? Go to school with no worries.
    Try to hide it with cover up or blush
  • 4
    You see an adorable pair of shoes at the go to buy them, but the person in front of you in line has bought the last pair! What do you do?
    Get another pair...duh. Not that hard
    Steal the shoes when she's not looking
    Scream and yell at the customer
  • 5
    You have a huge breakup at school with your boyfriend. That evening he calls and apologizes, wanting to get back together. What do you do?
    Tell him no at first, but give in after a while.
    Tell him, "OK, sure."
    Yell at him for the intense break up and hang up, furious.
  • 6
    You study very hard for a math test...the next day the teacher hands back your paper. D-! It seems everyone else got an A or a B. What do you do?
    Study hard for the next test. and if you fail that one, you have every right to scream
    Yell at the teacher and demand he/she raises your grade.
    Who cares? I probably just lost concentration. No big deal
  • 7
    Do you consider yourself a drama queen?
    No. Nothing is too big a deal to scream for half an hour.
    Sometimes, maybe, I don't know...
    Heck yes! I am freaked by the littlest things!
  • 8
    Has anyone ever called you a drama queen?
    Yes, and it doesn't bother me much.
    No. I'm normal.
    Yes, and I scream at them, "I AM NOT, SO BACK OFF!"
  • 9
    You are at the zoo one Saturday when it starts pouring rain just as you are about to see the elephants. What do you do?
    Wait for the rain to stop. Other times will come...
    Cry and order the rain to stop. You love elephants!
    Look at an indoor display.
  • 10
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    It was awesome!
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