Which Mew are you?

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Which member of Tokyo Mew Mew are you most like? Ichigo, Lettuce, Mint, Pudding, or Zakuro?

  • 1
    School's out! You're ready to hit the mall, but your wallet's empty! Where will you work?
    Anywhere, as long as I get paid a lot!
    A circus! Wheeee!
    Umm, I don't know.........
    Where ever, I guess.
    Work? Me? Haha, very funny!
  • 2
    You've been at the mall all day! When you finally get out, you're so thirsty, you could drink a whole pool! What do you drink instead?
    Whatever I'm in the mood for!
    Tea or water, I guess
    I want some tea!
    Umm, juice would be nice!
    An energy drink!
  • 3
    The cute guy you've been crushing on all year asked you out! Where do you want to go?
    Somewhere fun, like bowling!
    Doesn't matter, I'll probably dump him soon anyways.
    Where ever he wants to go!
    Somewhere romantic!
    Guys? I'll pass.
  • 4
    Your crush just asked you to be his girlfriend! What do you do?
    I'm so nervous! Wow, I think I might faint!
    Boyfriend? No thanks!
    Smile, but say no
    I'll pass
  • 5
    Your boyfriend (or crush) is leaning in to kiss you! What do you do?
    Now I'm really nervous! I'm definitely gonna faint!
    Blush furiously
    Walk away
    Ewww! Boy germs!
    Push him away and break up
  • 6
    Costume party! What are you going as?
    Something mystical, like a mermaid!
    Something fancy, like a princess!
    I'm not going
    A panda! So cute!
    Something cute!
  • 7
    Awwww, there's cute little kitty on the sidewalk! It looks soooo sad! What do you do?
    Make sure no one is looking and take it home
    Take it home and try to find its owner
    Ignore it, it's a cat
    Take it to the animal shelter
    Take it home and teach it tricks!
  • 8
    School's starting again and you've got to join a team! What sport do you play?
    Something easy like swimming
    Sports? No thanks!
    Umm, volleyball?
    Sports? No
  • 9
    You're at the candy store and your wallet's full! What do you get?
    Candy? No thanks
    Something sweet!
    Candy isn't good for you
  • 10
    Back to work again! What are you doing?
    Working, obviously!
    Trying my best!
    Drinking tea, I'll work later
    Umm, working?
    Entertaining the customers!

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