Which Companions of the Hall Man is Right for You?

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So, who would you get along best with? Drizzt, Regis, Wulfgar or Bruenor? Take this test and find out which guy is best for you!

  • 1
    Ok, let's get the shallow stuff out of the way first. What sort of looks appeal to you most?
    Short, gruff looking, facial hair, chunky
    Short, innocent looking, chubby, bright eyed
    Tall, muscular, rugged, blonde
    Not too tall, not to short, handsome, sharp featured, exotic eyes
  • 2
    Ok, now let's get serious. Would your man fight to kill?
    Only if his life depended on it, or if one of his friends desperately needed help
    If he knew others may be hurt if he didn't
    Try and stop him!
    Oh yeah, no questions asked!
  • 3
    If there was a battle going on and you were a part of the fighting, what would your man do?
    He'd keep an eye on me and try to make sure I stayed safe
    He wouldn't be there
    He'd keep on eye on me as he would his other friends. He knows I can handle myself, but he'd be there in a second to save me if I needed him
    Try to protect you as much as possible
  • 4
    If you were fighting, would you want your man to protect you?
    Well, I'd probably be protecting him, so...
    Yes, and my man would stick by me and destroy anything I couldn't.
    No, and he knows that. He respects me and knows I can look after myself.
    I think he'd get annoyed if I couldn't fight and leave me behind.
  • 5
    If you made a joke to another man that was suggestive, what would your man say/think?
    He'd laugh.
    He'd think I was serious and attack the other man and then be angry with me.
    He'd think I was crazy because he knows I have more respect for myself then that
    He'd stare at me, shocked, and if that man tried anything fresh with me he'd get a fist in the jaw.
  • 6
    What personality trait do you like most about someone?
  • 7
    Would he leave you to go and rescue one of his friends?
    Yes, but he'd feel bad about leaving me and promise to make it up to me.
    In a heart beat.
    If his friend was in VERY real danger, then yes, and he'd probably go without telling me first.
    Yes, and I wouldn't mind. His friends are very important to him. In fact, I'd probably go with him.
  • 8
    Would you fight side by side with your man?
    'Till the very end.
    Yes, but he'd try and keep me safe, which is annoying.
    It depends if I can actually get him out there and fighting.
    Yes, but I'd have to fight with him over kills.
  • 9
    Which is more important to you: Friendship or Love?
    Love, I'll always choose him first.
    Friendship. Love is a fickle thing.
    Friendship, that always comes first.
    Love for your friends.
  • 10
    Would he sacrifice himself to bring you back to life?
    Er.... no.
    No. He knows I'd want him to stay alive, to keep living (but it would be very difficult for him not to).
    No. He'd avenge my death a million times over, though.
    Yes. He values my life over his own.

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