Incubus Quiz

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Let's test your knowledge on the great band which is Incubus!

  • 1
    Who is the lead singer of Incubus?
    Matt Pellisier
    Adam Clayton
    Ian Watkins
    Brandon Boyd
    Bert McCracken
  • 2
    Who was the original bassist in Incubus?
    Matt Watcher
    Kevin Orr
    Tom Delonge
    Dirk Lance
    Quinn Allman
  • 3
    Incubus' first album was....
    The Joshua Tree
    Fungus Amongus
    Light Grenades
    A Crow Left Of The Murder
  • 4
    "Those left standing will make millions writing books on the way it should have been". <-- Lyrics from which song?
    A Certain Shade Of Green
  • 5
    There is a song on the album 'A Crow Left Of The Murder' entitled 'Pistola'.
    As a bonus track
  • 6
    The first track on Incubus' debut is.....
    Summer Romance (Antigravity Love song)
    Take Me To Your Leader
    You Will Be A Hot Dancer
    A Certain Shade Of Green
  • 7
    "Still and transfixed, the electric sheep are dreaming up your fate". <-- Lyrics from which song?
    Idiot Box
    Talk Shows On Mute
  • 8
    A saxophone can be heard between the second and third choruses of 'Summer Romance (Antigravity Love song).
    On the remixed version, yes
  • 9
    "From here on, it's instinctual! Even straight roads meander! Every piece contains a map of! It all! It all!" <-- The chorus of which song?
    Magic Medicine
    A Crow Left Of The Murder
    Southern Girl
    Anna Molly
  • 10
    Which of these song are NOT on 'Light Grenades'?
    Love Hurts
    Oil And Water
    Anna Molly
  • 11
    "To resist is to piss in the wind, anyone who does will end up smelling. Knowing this why do I defy? Because my inner voice is yelling. There is a fist pressing against, anyone who thinks something compelling. Our intuit we're taught to deny, and our soul we're told is for selling!" <-- Lyrics from which song?
    Out From Under
    Here In My Room
    Nice To Know You
    Light Grenades
  • 12
    The cover for 'Morning View' is.....
    An aerial view of a lush forest
    The five members posing
    An aerial view of a beach
    A fungus mushroom
    A ground view of a factory
  • 13
    Incubus' band site is....
  • 14
    How many tracks (without the bonus tracks) are there on 'Light Grenades'?
  • 15
    "Come one, come all. Into nineteen-eighty-four. Yeah, three, two, one. Lights, camera, transaction." <-- The chorus of which song?
    Incubus didn't write that song, another band did.
    Love Hurts
    Talk Shows On Mute
    Lights, Camera, Transaction
  • 16
    Who is Incubus' drummer?
    Dan Whitesides
    Jamie Pearson
    Jose Pasillas II
    Larry Mullen Jnr.
    Bob Bryar
  • 17
    The video for 'Circles' is....
    An animated cartoon about love
    The band playing live with the song dubbed over it
    The band running away from a crowd of fans, and forced to jump into a river
    There wasn't a video for Circles
    The band playing in a factory, with 'something' inside it....
  • 18
    In the video for 'Warning', what is the exact time shown by the girl's watch when the world ends?
  • 19
    Which album did Incubus release in 2004?
    Make Yourself
    A Crow Left Of The Murder
    Morning View
    Enjoy Incubus
    When Incubus Attacks
  • 20
    "You're no Jesus, yeah you're no f**king Elvis. Wash your hands clean of yourself, baby and step down, step down, step down!" <-- Lyrics from which song?
    Anna Molly
    Southern Girl
    Psycho psilocybin

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