Wolf's Rain

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I'm totally obsessed with Wolf's Rain. Therefore, I must share my obsession, if that made any sense at all. Anyway, this is going be easy because I don't have much time.

  • 1
    Lord Darcia is a wolf
    only Kiba, Tsume, Hige, and Toboe are wolves
    Darcia's a cat
    not exactly, but he turns into one at the end
    no, he only has a wolf's eye
  • 2
    Cher Degre dies from:
    She gets shot by Darcia
    The car she's in tumbles off a cliff
    Tsume thinks she's someone else and accidentally kills her
    She commits suicide because she feels she's not allowed into paradise
  • 3
    Cher and Hubb used to have:
    A dog with a metal limb
    A white bird
    Two children and a cat
    An albino dog
  • 4
    Near the end, what does Tsume lag behind to do?
    He dropped his knife in the snow
    He goes to say goodbye to Toboe, because he's dead
    He was exhausted, and collapsed in need of rest
    He goes to round up his other friends
  • 5
    Why does Toboe kill Leara's bird?
    He thought the bird was a servant of the devil
    The bird attacked him
    He held a grudge against Leara
    He was playing with it, but accidentally killed it
  • 6
    Why doesn't Kiba stay with Myu?
    The village elder drags his soul back into his body
    He dies in that world
    He misses Tsume
    He doesn't want to lose his memory
  • 7
    Who kills Toboe?
    Inadvertently by Lord Darcia the third
    Kiba puts him out of his misery when he gets shot by Darcia
    Nobody, Toboe drowns when he fights the walrus
    Tsume turns on him and bites his throat
  • 8
    Who destroyed Kurios?
    The nearby pack of wolves hunt down the people
    Kiba and his friends set fire to it
    Jaguara's soldiers burn it in search of wolves
  • 9
    Where does Tsume's knife come from?
    He takes it from a soldier he kills
    It's his claws and fangs in human form
    He inherits it from his father
  • 10
    Was this quiz challenging in any way?
    It was pretty good
    I didn't finish it...
    I don't know much about WR, so yeah, it was
    It was really easy

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