Most Fun FRIENDS Fan Quiz

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How well do you know the TV show Friends? This quiz is not for mild fans!

  • 1
    Why did Phoebe kiss Gunter?
    Joey dared her to.
    She couldn’t resist his good looks.
    She wanted to catch his cold.
    She was trying to make another guy jealous.
  • 2
    When Monica opens all the wedding presents why doesn’t Chandler get mad?

    He kissed another woman and they called it even.
    He never noticed they were opened.
    He forgave her because she promised to cook him whatever he wanted.
  • 3
    Finish Phoebe’s song: New York City has no power and _____, but to me it is not scary, because I _____ .

    it’s bewitching hour; believe in fairies
    the cats are turning into mowers; like how their chorus carries.
    the milk is getting sour; stay away from dairy
  • 4
    Who said: “Monica you’re scaring me. I mean, you’re all chaotic and twirl; and not in a good way.”?
  • 5
    Who sang: “Monica and Rachel have syrup, now I can get my man to cheer up.”?
    Phoebe's friend who makes up jingles.
  • 6
    When Ross shares his Star Wars fantasy with Chandler what does Chandler do to ruin it?

    He told him he gets mental images of his mother during intercourse.
    He told him a better fantasy and it made the star wars one seem stupid.
    He told him how he did it once and how it ended his relationship with Carolyn.
  • 7
    Phoebe spills hummus on her dress, what does she do?

    She wears a big Christmas bow over it.
    She gets it out with Monica’s special homemade stain remover.
    She borrows one of Monica’s fancy dresses.
  • 8
    Monica makes a hole in the floor looking to see where a wire leads. What is the name of the neighbour below them that Rachel says hello to through the hole?

    Mrs. Zansimir
    Mrs. Catracas
    Mr. Heckles
  • 9
    Who did Ross try to impress by playing Rugby?

    Joey and Phoebe to prove he was tough
    The Dutch girl
  • 10
    Who gives the best bad massages?
  • 11
    Who said: “They don’t know that we know they know we know”?
  • 12
    Which adult film did Ursula NOT star in using Phoebe’s name?

    Buffy the Vampire Layer
    Lawrence of a Labia
    Slave Nurses
    Sex Toys Story II
  • 13
    In TOW Chandler can’t cry, what finally makes him break down?

    Reading ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’.
    Rachel and Ross fighting and making up.
    Monica telling him a hypothetical story about her dying and leaving him a note from the beyond that said “I will always be with you.”
  • 14
    In the one that could have happened what ended up NOT happening?

    Joey has sex with Rachel.
    Monica and Chandler hooked up.
    Ross has a threesome.
    Phoebe has two heart attacks.
  • 15
    What career did Phoebe NOT have?

    Secretary for Chandler
    Porn Star
  • 16
    What does Monica recognize from the boxes to know it’s not her childhood stuff?

    A baby doll
    A rocket ship
    One of Ross’ trophies
  • 17
    What are the names of Joey’s chair and TV?

    Mary-Ann and Charlie
    Rosita and Stevie
    Little Chan and Mr. Joe
  • 18
    How does Joey get back on Days of Our Lives?

    His character wakes up from a coma after a brain transplant.
    Joey sleeps with the casting director.
    They bring back Joey as Drake Ramore’s evil twin brother.
  • 19
    What is the name of the 3D woman in Phoebe’s painting that she made?

    Regina Phalange
  • 20
    Why did Phoebe stop giving massages to Monica?

    Monica kept making sex noises.
    Monica said Phoebe does massages too hard.
    Phoebe needed money and Monica said she charged too much.

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