Do I Like Him/ Her?

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You see this guy or girl for the first time. You don't know if its just a simple passing crush that you'll forget the next day or if you REALLY like this person. take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You see this guy/ girl, he/ she comes up to you and says hi. You:
    You start sweating profusely and start to blurt out things like: you know my favourite cheese is Swiss what's yours! And other totally weird conversation topics
    You say hi, but in your mind your thinking: do my clothes look okay/ do I smell nice!
    You feel like you're about to pass out, and you keep staring at the person. After the person is crept out and leaves, you shout suddenly: HI!
    You cross your arms and shout loudly: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!
  • 2
    At night you dream:
    You are in a quiet spot talking about totally personal matters when you are suddenly interrupted by your mother.
    You're grown up, you're gonna ask the person to marry you and before you pop the question a giant monster swallows you up!
    You and the guy/girl are on a totally fun date enjoying yourselves.
    You and the person are in a heated argument about politics and you are winning.
  • 3
    You and your friends go to a party and you realise that the person is there you:
    Don't deliberately avoid the person and if he/she asks you to dance you say yes but after that song, you make up some lame excuse like you're thirsty and run off to the refreshments center. While you're there you think what's gotten into you because you usually play it cool.
    You deliberately avoid the person and when you see he/she coming you duck behind your friend/stranger to avoid being seen.
    You dance to every song with that person. And in your mind you're saying to yourself: He/She's MINE ALL MINE! and any one who approaches the other person you glare at them, and and if looks could kill the, person who approached the guy/girl you were dancing with would be dead.
    You shout: ME, DANCE WITH YOU: Not A Chance!
  • 4
    You make the track team and the person does also, you:
    You do your best to show off your toned legs/biceps and killer speed!
    You stop going or beg the coach to let you off the team.
    You go up to the person and shout: WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY TURF! And demand that the coach take the person off the team.
    You do your best and you wonder what the person thought, but you don't try to make conversation.
  • 5
    You are in a spelling competition and you and the person make the final two. You:
    You spell the word right and start to brag about how many spelling trophies you have.
    You spell the word correctly and after you collect your trophy you mouth the words: This Is My Turf and make the 'I'm Watching You' signal
    you deliberately spell the word incorrectly even though you know the word like the back of your hand.
    You spell the word right and you feel good about yourself although you're a little sad that the other person didn't win.
  • 6
    It's the person's birthday and you receive an invitation to the party. You:
    You don't go to the party.
    Go to the party and bring a gift but you don't stay for a very long time.
    You brag about the invitation regardless of the fact that your friends also got invitations.
    You burn the invitation/ Go to the party and wreck it because you were bored.
  • 7
    You sign up for your school's production of Romeo and Juliet you and the person get to be Romeo and Juliet. It's time for the kissing scene. You:
    You faked sick so someone would take your place.
    As soon as you figured out that person was Romeo/ Juliet you demanded that the person be switched with someone else because you'd rather kiss someone else.
    You suck it up even though you're nervous and do it.
    You use your trusty breath spray and pucker up!
  • 8
    You and a group of people are waiting on your respective rides home. Everyone else has gone and only you and you-know-who are left. (Harry Potter fans, I don't mean Voldemort ha ha)You:
    You leave. You just can't stand the presence of the other person.
    Sit there trying to make polite conversation which isn't exactly going well. But hey you're trying!
    You sit quietly at the far end of the bench until your ride comes.
    Start speaking about yourself and/or your previous boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • 9
    You invite the person over for dinner and your mom busts out the baby pictures. You:
    You wouldn't invite the person to dinner even if he/she were starving!
    You start bragging about how you were the baby beauty pageant/ the annual baby games three years in a row!
    You couldn't get the nerve to ask him/her to dinner.
    Say:'look how cute I was' even though you are really dying of embarrassment.
  • 10
    He/She is in the hospital. You:
    Laugh at his or her injuries.
    Send the biggest most fluffy teddy bear you could get your hands on.
    Don't visit and send an anonymous get well card.
    Go and visit and send a short but sweet get well card.

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