Does he return your feelings?

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A twenty-question quiz to find out if the one you like (or just anybody in general, though it's preferable if it's somebody you like as well) likes you back. Note: This person must be a friend, or at least someone you correspond with on a regular basis (I've noticed in other quizzes that the choices/answers can pertain to both crushes and just friends, and I don't think that's fair/unbiased, so do get rid of doubts, quiz yourself on a friend. After all, it's kind of weird to be quizzing yourself on a stranger.). E-mail me for any advice or questions, or just to talk--I'm a great listener.:) Disclaimer: this quiz is just a quiz!: D And BE HONEST in your answers. Some answers might not turn out to have the result you predict. What you want to be the answer can definitely be different from what is actually the answer.

  • 1
    In terms of talking online, on average, how long are your conversations?
    A few minutes, say about 10 - 30, random things.
    I don't think I have his screen name, but if I did, we'd talk for a while.
    For however long he is (or I am) online, some intermittent silences.
    A "what's up," "nothing much, you?," and additional random comments interspersed spread out in a period of time.
    About an hour, just about random things that happened that day, or issues...
  • 2
    If you moved away, what would he say to you?
    We'll miss you.
    You've got my SN/facebook/whatever, so you've got no excuse for not keeping in touch with me!
    You better not forget who I am! And come back to visit.
    I'll miss you.
    That's got to suck, moving at this time...
  • 3
    Does he have your phone number, or have you ever called him before and talked for longer than two minutes?
    Yes; we talk for a while, and it's actually conversation.
    Yes; We talk for a long time, though most of the time it's just silence. For me, it's nice having company on the phone.
    No; I have his number, though (he let me have it).
    Yes; We only talk a few minutes, but nevertheless the conversation is animated.
    No; I don't think I've ever had a reason to give him my contact info. We see each other enough.
  • 4
    If he saw you in the school hallway (given that he does actually go to your school, regardless of whether he actually does or not), what would he do?
    He'd greet me and might walk with me part-way to wherever I'm going.
    He'd say "Hi," and might stop me to ask something.
    He'd make eye-contact and might smile.
    He'd definitely say "Hi" or "What's Up?"
    He'd give me a chin-up, and add in a "Sup."
  • 5
    Let's say you're in the same class and there are a few seats open, including one next to you. Would he sit down in the seat next to you?
    He would most likely know someone else in the class and would go sit near them, or suggest sitting over "there," where I'm sitting.: D
    Perhaps, or he might sit in a seat near me.
    Perhaps not; he might think that I would have other friends who would want to sit next to me.
    Probably, yeah. Just to torment me.: P
    Perhaps not; he'd just randomly sit somewhere or go sit near someone else he knows.
  • 6
    Does he talk to you, whether on Facebook or Myspace or AIM or phone?
    Yes, on most of them often.
    Yes, on just one, but it's frequent.
    No, we don't really need to--we see each other enough, or talk to each other enough through only one form.
    Yes, on all of them often.
    Yes, sometimes.
  • 7
    Has he had a lot of girlfriends?
    Yes, but he's never been serious with many of them.
    No, only a few/handful
    Yes, and a few serious.
  • 8
    Does he talk to you everyday?
    Whenever he's available.
    Not really--only on occasion when he needs something or is bored.
    Sometimes he's too busy to talk.
  • 9
    Does he talk to you about other girls? (if more than one applies, pick the one that you think happens most often).
    Yes, in that he complains about how there are no girls, really, worth liking.
    Yes, about a girl (or girls) he might like.
    No, just in the general--he tells me about the kind of girl he can like, so it's all theoretical.
    No, but we talk about a great variety of other things.
    Yes--he talks about girls that like him, but that he doesn't like back.
  • 10
    Are you confident (in yourself, as a personality trait)?
    Definitely, you can see it in how I walk and talk and act.
    To the point where some might even call me conceited, yes!
    Yes, but I have my really low self-esteem moments, though they're rare.
    Not really--I don't have any reason to be confident in myself, and I don't want to come off as cocky.
    No, I'm afraid that if I'm confident, I'll look like a fool when I make mistakes and stuff.
  • 11
    Lastly. If he is your friend, has he ever actually SAID the word "friend," or "best friend," to describe you (or label you as one sometime during a conversation?)

    (remember to be honest.)
    Yes, once or twice.
    Not that I think about it, I don't think he's ever called me a friend.
    No. We call each other a nickname or tease each other by calling each other enemies or rivals.
    Nope, but only because there isn't any need to. Never been introduced or talked about our "friendship."
    Yes, I think he considers me his best friend.

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-anonymous- ( 1.116 )
Posted 265 days ago
im not sure where to find your email so imma leave a comment. Well, me and him are friends with benefits to be honest. But i wanted to take this test to see if he may have gotten feelings out of things we done beause of the way he acts sometimes. he tends to be mean but in a playful manner, and he also compliments me on my looks alot. he sometimes begs me to come over alot of times. my email is if you need it.