Which Stephanie McMahon Character are You?

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Are you Daddy's Little Girl, Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley, the Dominant Female, a Leader of the Alliance, or the General Manager? Guys are welcome to participate as well.

  • 1
    You are driving along the road, and someone hits you. How do you respond?
    Send your lackeys to take care of him.
    Talk things out and settle it by the book.
    Go crazy on the guy, how dare he hit you!
    Let your family handle it.
    Settle the matter personally, but stand your ground, it wasn't your fault.
  • 2
    You asked someone to do something for you and he does it wrong. You...
    Tell him that his work was unacceptable, and he needs to try again.
    He's lost your favor, find another of your lackeys to get the job done.
    Look at him like he's stupid and go do it yourself.
    Ask him very politely to do it over.
    Slap him, tell him he's worthless, and get someone else to do it.
  • 3
    You tell your best friend a big secret, and they go and spill the beans. You...
    Slap him and move on.
    Get rid of him, and reveal his innermost secret to the world.
    Send another of your friends to take him out.
    "Fire" your friend. He isn't trustworthy, he's a liability.
    Wonder why he would do that.
  • 4
    What does your wardrobe consist of?
    Leather. Lots of it. And those French looking hats. You know the ones.
    Suits, some skirts and sweaters, official type clothing.
    Nothing to suggestive, but not nerdy either.
    Sweaters, nice pants, non-revealing, nice clothes.
    Clothes that some would call "inappropriate"
  • 5
    Who is your idol tag team partner?
    My spouse and none other.
    A family member, maybe a fiance.
    Any one of my many lackeys, my siblings too.
    A handicapped boy being abused by the boss.
    Anybody who doesn't like who I don't like.
  • 6
    How do you act in a leadership position?
    I try to get whoever was in control before me out of here.
    I hand over control to my parents, of course!
    I don't care about anything else but making those I hate miserable.
    Since I own the place, I act like it. I do what I want!
    I act fair to everyone, and punish those who deserve it.
  • 7
    What is vital in your life?
    Making my enemies pay.
    My job.
    The love of my family.
    Getting what I want.
  • 8
    Who is your favorite wrestler?
    John Cena.
    William Regal.
    Triple H.
    Booker T.
  • 9
    How do you walk in front of company?
    I don't walk, I strut.
    I just walk.
    I walk with a purpose.
    I always have my lackeys walking behind me.
    I walk with my family.
  • 10
    If given the choice of having one of these things, which would it be?
    Your own business.
    Your own personal army.
    A nice relationship.
    Why do I only get one thing?
    Your enemies most fatal flaw.
  • 11
    What do you do in your free time?
    Insult your family.
    Try to get the advantage over the competition.
    Ruin your enemy's life
    Go shopping.
    Spend quality time with the family.
  • 12
    What type of car do you have?
    Does it matter?
    A flashy car.
    The most expensive one on the market.
    An awesome looking van.
    A fast car.
  • 13
    What is the first thing you do in the morning?
    Say hello to the family.
    Lay in bed, wondering what you'll do to your enemy today.
    Plot your family's demise while going to the bathroom.
    Yell at someone to bring you breakfast in bed.
    Get ready for work.
  • 14
    Someone insults you. What is your reaction?
    Punish them. Severely.
    Explain that you're better than they are, and add another name to your hit list.
    Yell for your parents.
    Send your lackeys for them.
    Slap them.
  • 15
    How do your friends see you?
    Intelligent. fair, powerful, successful.
    Sweet, nice, kind.
    Stubborn, strong, can hold a grudge.
    Power hungry, determined, ungrateful
    Beauty, brains, and sometimes...witch. Yeah, that's the word.
  • 16
    What was your New Year's Revolution?
    I don't have one and I don't need one.
    Reach new heights at work.
    To kick you family to the curb.
    Get married.
    To utterly destroy your opponents.
  • 17
    What is your pet peeve?
    Rowdy employees.
    Not getting what you want.
    When you lose.
    When your family abuses you.
    Anything having to do with my enemies.
  • 18
    Which is your favorite magazine?
    I don't like magazines, but I love shopping catalogues.
    Us Weekly
  • 19
    Which Steph character do you look up too?
    Daddy's Little Girl
    The SD GM
    Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley
    The Dominant Female
    The Leader of the Alliance
  • 20
    How did you like this quiz? It's my first, so go easy on me.
    Good, but not good enough.
    It sucks! And so do you!
    I could do a way better job than that.
    It was a great attempt.
    Awesome! I really liked it.

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