Which Marvel Super Hero Should Be Your Sidekick?

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Answer a few questions and then discover which hero should be taking orders from you and help you kick some bad guy booty.

  • 1
    An evil villain is about to drop a beautiful woman and an accountant at the same time off of a building. Immediately, you...
    ...use your super powers to help the falling innocents and then use them again to whoop the villain.
    ...set up something to catch the two people and then start climbing forty stinking stories.
    ...save the hot chick! No sexy babes are dying on my watch!
    ...start climbing. Try to get the victims, but definitely getting the bad guy.
    ...jump on the roof. Pound the bad guy. Did I forget something?
  • 2
    Got an idea for a costume?
    Something concealing, but nothing that gives wedgies. Those suck.
    Doesn't really matter. Nothing but work clothes anyway.
    Clothes get in the way! Streak your way to justice!
    Gadgets are cool. Protection would be nice. New stuff. Yeah, that's me.
    Something dark? Maybe scary? Go for intimidating, I guess.
  • 3
    When tempted by a beautiful, tight costume wearing sexy vixen, you...
    ...are not tempted by the flesh. Even though it's really nice flesh.
    ...don't have time for distractions... or traps.
    ...don't mind playing a little. Pretty ladies are fun.
    ...try to determine their motives, but usually end up getting involved anyway. I love women, it's a vice.
    ...know better, but sometimes can't say no. At least I know better. That's good... right?
  • 4
    Should super heroes be registered with the government and have their identities revealed?
    Nope. But the government knows everything already, so what's the point?
    Absolutely. Good guys have nothing to hide... except maybe strange birthmarks or wild hairs...
    I have enough enemies, but thanks.
    Yes! ...wait...No! I don't know, maybe? How about more revealing costumes?
    It's pointless. Criminals need their tails kicked regardless if you have an ID card.
  • 5
    Starting up as a super hero is bound to be stressful. How do you plan on handling it?
    Stress? I guess ignoring it wouldn't help? Oh well. Damn.
    Stress comes with the job, like boss battles and sweet one-liners. I'll take it all!
    Same way I handle my enemies... I beat the snot out of the problem.
    Badly. Probably just blow up and start breaking things. That's how I handle it now, why should that change?
    Actually, wailing on bad guys reduces my stress. Handy, isn't it?
  • 6
    As an icon, a model for justice, others will look up to you. What will they see as your cause, your driving force?
    Sometimes you need to step on the little villain to make everything better. I'm glad to do it.
    I'm kicking my own butt out there so everyone else can be normal... not that I'm not normal... I am... I have powers! Super powers!
    If I don't like it, I tend to put a stop to it. Maybe that's a noble cause. Don't ask me.
    People should live the good life. I happen to be a person. I should live the good life, too. I kick butt to party when you break it all down.
    Who's looking at me? I'm doing my thing and they need to do theirs!
  • 7
    Why do you use your powers for good?
    Because somebody else is using theirs for bad. And I like to see them bleed.
    The good side is the only side. Villains try to take away the good stuff and for that, I smack them.
    When you see how bad the villains have it (underground lairs, etc), then you choose good.
    Because I saw how crappy the villain dental plan was and made my choice.
    Who said I was good? Am I? I guess so. I use my powers, but it's not all good. Nothing is.
  • 8
    A crime has been committed! Someone cut you off in traffic and then made a foul gesture! Naturally, you...
    ...wait until a stop light, slip out of the car and go get a finger.
    ...finally realize who owns the road. It must be that guy! Good for him.
    ...speed to get in front of them and then slow down to a crawl. A lesson must be learned!
    ...call a "friend" and give them the license plate number.
    ...ram the car, throw garbage at their window, yell loudly, flail your arms wildly, etc...
  • 9
    You may have to deal with aliens at some point. They have been known to try to take over the world a time or two. You ready for that?
    I like adding things to my resume and I might get bored knocking around the same dumb crooks who stumble my way.
    Why wait for them? Where's the planet? Let's go!
    I'm sure I'll see it all, why not fight an army of little green men? I'm not making friends with any of them, though!
    Not really my department... isn't there four people who usually handle space problems?
    Green blood, red blood. Bleeding is bleeding.
  • 10
    Any bad qualities you want to share? It might be nice to know what's wrong with you before you fight evil and save lives.
    I get angry. I jump around from one place to another. Kind of a loner. But I cook a mean meat loaf.
    Busy. No time to tell you my flaws. I have to go. Wish I had more time to talk. Bye.
    I keep strange company and you can't always talk to me, but I am focused on my work. And I look cool, don't forget that.
    I get pretty down about all my problems, but I can be fun! Sounds contradicting, but hey, it's true!
    I'm not a nice person all the time, but I get the job done. One way or another. Usually another.

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