T-Bag, Prison Break's Ultimate Bad Boy!

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This is a quiz dedicated to the most dangerous and charismatic of the Fox River 8. So come and see how much you know about this amazing character!

  • 1
    First an easy one, what is T-Bag's real name?
    Terence Steadman
    Theodore Bagwell
    Thomas Bagson
  • 2
    For what crimes was T-Bag Imprisoned?
    Killing the Vice-Presidents Brother
    6 counts of Kidnap, Rape and murder...not necessarily in that order
  • 3
    How old was T-bag when he was first incarcerated?
    14 years old
    10 years old
    18 years old
  • 4
    Which white supremacist group adopted T-Bag at this time
    White Alliance
    Aryan Brotherhood
    The Alliance for Racial Purity
  • 5
    What is the name of T-Bag's ex girlfriend who turned him in?
    Sugar Hollander
    Susan Hollander
    Gracie Hollander
  • 6
    What hidden talent does T-Bag reveal he has in the episode Bluff?
    He was great at cheating at poker
    He is a great singer
    He has a photographic memory
  • 7
    Over the course of two seasons we have seen T-Bag eat a variety of things, which one of these is not one of them
    A Map
    A Letter
    2 Keys
    A Packet Of Crisps
  • 8
    Which part of his anatomy was cut off in season 1?
    His *whistles euphemistically*
    His left hand
    His right hand
  • 9
    What is the first episode T-Bag is in?
    Cell Test
    The Pilot
  • 10
    What is the name of the vet that T-Bag killed?
    Dr. Stephen Peters
    Dr. Marvin Gudat
    Dr. John Abruzzi
  • 11
    By what name does T-Bag refer to Michael Scofield?
  • 12
    What is the name of the plain postal worker T-Bag kills in season 2?
  • 13
    Who tortured T-Bag in season 2?
    Bellick and Geary
    Geary and Mahone
    Bellick and Kellerman
  • 14
    Why did they torture him?
    They just didn't like him
    They wanted the $5 million he stole from the rest of the escapees some episodes prior
    They were appalled by his crimes
  • 15
    What flowers did T-Bag buy to try and win back his Ex-Girlfriend?
  • 16
    Over the course of 2 seasons how many people have we actually seen T-Bag kill/prepare to kill?
  • 17
    What complaint did T-Bag have about his mug shot being used on a news program about the fox river 8?
    That the picture made him look old
    That the picture caught him with his eyes half closed
    That the picture made him look like a sociopath
  • 18
    Who invited T-Bag into the escape?
    No one, he stumbled onto the escape during a riot
  • 19
    In order name T-Bags prison "friends"
    Maytag and Cherry
    Cherry and Tweener
    Cherry, Maytag and Tweener
  • 20
    Okay last question!
    What State is T-Bag from?

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