My Chemical Romance lyrics quiz to rule them all

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  • 1
    Finish the lyrics: I am not afraid to keep on _____
  • 2
    Finish: Oh baby,____
    Let me in
    Go to hell
    Shut up!
  • 3
    From the Earth to the ______
  • 4
    If it looks like I'm laughing I'm really just _____
    Asking to leave
    Lying to your face
  • 5
    Came a time when every ______ brought you to tears again
    Time I told you I loved you
    Wedding ceremony
  • 6
    What you got under your shirt will make them ______
    Call the police
    Cry really hard
    Pay for the things that they did
  • 7
    Finish the title: I never told you what I _______
    Meant To Say
    Did Last Night
    Do For A Living
  • 8
    And they found you on the ____ floor
    Emergency room
  • 9
    Don't you ____ for me, undeserving of your sympathy
  • 10
    And we'll wash down this engagement ring with poison and ______
  • 11
    Just not enough of this _____ in my heart for your dying wish
  • 12
    Ride escalators colder than _____
    Your heart
    A cell
    The sun
  • 13
    Which line comes next: We never got that far?
    But I don't really care
    But it was far enough
    But this helps me to think
  • 14
    Put them in order
    1.We die by threes
    2.'Trust' you said
    3.Never be afraid again
  • 15
    If you ever say 'Never too late' I'll forget all the ____ you ate
    Light bulbs
    Wedding cake
  • 16
    Name the song: Paint it black and take it back
    Welcome To The Black Parade
    Bury Me In Black
    Give 'Em Hell Kid
  • 17
    Which song has it's name mentioned in it?
    This Is How I Disappear
  • 18
    In Bury Me In Black, what does Gerard say he wants to see?
    Your memories
    Your tombstone
    Your insides
  • 19
    EASY! I'm not _____
  • 20
    I can't tell if I've been ____ or _____ or _____ or _____
    Dreaming, screaming, fucking, swearing
    Breathing, sleeping, screaming, waiting
    Breathing, screaming, singing, bleeding
  • 21
    Which is instrumental?
    Kill All Your Friends
  • 22
    Sometimes I _____ from pleading
    Hurt so much
    Lose my voice
    Cry so hard
  • 23
    ______, come angels of the lord
    Saints protect her now
    Sleep a little more
    Since we talked to her now
  • 24
    I think I'd love to ____
    Go skydiving
    Die alone
    Break your heart
  • 25
    At the top of my lungs, in my arms,
    She cries
    She lies
    She dies
  • 26
    Who guest stars in Mama?
    Liza Manelli
    Bert Mkracken
  • 27
    We're not here to pay a compliment or sing about the government or ______
    Oxycontin Genocide
    Missionary Homicide
    Adolescent Suicide
  • 28
    Now the ____ ones make me fly and the ____ ones help me fall
    Red, blue
    Nice, cruel
    Good, bad
  • 29
    Gather 'round ___ and kiss this goodbye
  • 30
    Call my Aunt Marie, help her gather all my things and bury me in ____
    Dad's old suit
    All my favorite colors
    The cemetery down the street
  • 31
    Know how much I want to show you ______
    You're the only one
    I really hate you
    I love you so much
  • 32
    You left my heart an open wound and I ______
    Am in a lot of pain
    Want to kill you now
    Love you for this day
  • 33
    When holding on I hope you do the same, _____
    Aww sugar
    Oh baby
    So, darling
  • 34
    The angels just _____
    Cut out her tongue
    Blessed her soul
    Came into her house
  • 35
    A celebrated man amongst the _____
    This isn't even an MCR song!
  • 36
    Is there any cursing in This Is How I Disappear?
    Maybe so...
  • 37
    What is the whispering in House Of Wolves?
    I'm a mother and a lover and a little motherfucker
    SIN, I SIN
    House of wolves, yeah, house of wolves
  • 38
    What is the first line in Early Sunsets Over Monroeville?
    Late dawns and early sunsets
    But does anyone notice? But does anyone care?
    I fought them all off just to hold you close and tight
  • 39
    Love is the red, the rose on your coffin door, what's life like ______
    When we settle up the score
    Bleeding on the floor
    When it don't hurt anymore
  • 40
    You're just a _____
    Love story
    Sad song
  • 41
    Some might say we are made from ____
    All the lies you told
    Everything you've given us
    The sharpest things you'd say
  • 42
    We're all a bunch of liars... what's the next line?
    Tell me baby, who do you wanna be?
    Who never paid attention in school
    And you'll never take us alive
  • 43
    How much does My Chem rock?
    They're okay, they're not better than The Jonas Brothers
    To much for words! They kick ass
    They don't, they suck big, fat, hairy donkey balls

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