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Which road will you take? The light, dawn, or darkness. Or perhaps you fall into a different category...

  • 1
    What's most important to you?
    Your friends.
    To simply have it easy.
    To be strong.
    Being number one.
    I want everything.
  • 2
    What are you afraid of more?
    Being indecisive?
    I'm not afraid of anything.
    A lot of things. Too many to count.
    Being too weak?
    Getting old?
  • 3
    What weapon would you prefer to use?
    I'll just use my fists.
    A pair of guns.
    A scythe.
    A sword.
    I'd rather have a shield to protect myself.
  • 4
    Who would you want on your side in a battle?
    The Heartless
    A keyblade master
  • 5
    Your companions have fallen in battle and the heartless seem to keep coming...What do you do?
    We stay and try to hold out for as long as we can.
    It doesn't matter, I simply refuse to lose. So I'll keep fighting.
    I have no choice but to run, they're on their own.
    I'll retreat, but I'll try to take them with me.
    I'll protect them so they can run away.
  • 6
    What is a warrior's greatest asset?
    The size of his army.
    His will to fight.
    His power
    A strong weapon.
    How smart/deceptive he is.
  • 7
    Which keyblade would you use?
    Ultima Weapon
  • 8
    The darkness is...
    Something that everybody has, but can control.
    Something to be consumed by, to stay away from.
    A world of coldness and forgotten memories.
    The things that we're afraid of.
    What makes us strong.
  • 9
    Which Organization XIII member is most like you?
  • 10
    I see the heartless as...
    Just one more thing to deal with.
    Something I refuse to become.
    They're useful if got power over them.
    Those who've lost their hearts to darkness.
    They have no being, they're just pure darkness.
  • 11
    You see Sora as...
    Just having fun with a keyblade.
    Someone just trying to find his friends.
    The chosen one, fulfilling his destiny.
    Just doing his job.
    Someone that's too good, with no show of darkness.
  • 12
    You see Xemnas as...
    The reason for darkness.
    A corrupt person, who is an example of darkness.
    Looking out for no.1
    Someone who has to be stopped, submitted to darkness.
    Shows how some people can really be with the darkness.
  • 13
    Your best friend has turned on you. Is he really against you, or is he being deceived into it?
    I guess that's just how things are sometimes. I'll let it develop before I decide.
    I have no choice, I'll beat him, but I'll never be able to finish him.
    I have to persuade him. He's making a mistake.
    After all we've been through...I'll defeat him and show no mercy.
    I don't know.
  • 14
    What ability would you most prefer?
    Strength, magic, and speed
    Well-developed magic and dark powers
    Just give me something that will kill everything in one hit.
    Whatever fits the bill. All it comes down to is surviving.
    Summoning darkness as I please. Countless heartless and nobodies.
  • 15
    Which character(s) would you have like to have fought?
    Big Peter again (he's so weak )
    All the organization members at once.
  • 16
    If the keyblade decides you're not fit to wield it anymore you...
    I guess I'll just join the bad guys then.
    I'll try to get it back.
    That's fine, I'll replace it with something else.
    It needs me, more than I need it. I'll find a weapon just as good.
    Oh shit..........please come back....I have strong heart
  • 17
    The strongest member in the Organization (besides Xemnas was probably...
  • 18
    If you had replace Donald & Goofy in your party, you would put...
    Great they're out of the way...Now they won't slow me down.
    The two strongest characters in the game (whoever they are)
    Cloud & Leon
    Axel & Namine
    Sephiroth & Mickey
  • 19
    The light is...
    The strongest part of us.
    Keeps us in balance with the darkness.
    I'm not really sure
  • 20
    Who can you relate to...?
    I don't think I relate to any of them.
    Sora, Cloud, Leon, Kairi, or Namine
    Xemnas or Marluxia
    Axel, Sephiroth, or Terra (ironclad soldier/secret boss in KH: FMII+)
    Riku, Roxas, Diz(Ansem), or Auron

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