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Answer the questions truthfully

  • 1
    Your friend has just broken up with her 9 month boyfriend. She is in floods of tears, her mum rings up to see if you can come and cheer her up. What do you do?
    You go round, bound into her room, trying to suppress your giggles when you spot your buddy sprawled across the bed surrounded by love letters and photos. You give her a hug, tell her there are plenty more fish in the sea, then spend the next hour telling hilarious stories in an attempt to get her smiling again.
    You agree to visit your friend and call her first to get dressed. Then you take her for a walk in the park so she gets a chance to get out of the house, clear her head and pour her heart out to you. You know she's not going to feel happy straight away - but you make it clear you'll be there for her whenever she needs to talk
    You go to she shop first and buy a huge tub of ice cream, a selection of choice bars, a couple of mugs and a girly video. When you get there you sit with her for hours while she cries her heart out, before leaving her with a big stash of goodies.
    You go round, storm into her room and demands that she pulls herself together, then tell her your off to the cinema. If she wants to come she will, if not you can't bear to see her moping
    You pop around to see your friend. You tell her how awful her break - up must be, and spend 5 minutes listening to her tales of sadness. You then start talking about your own problems in a bid to distract her from her own misery (and to make it 100% clear she doesn't have the monopoly on sadness)
  • 2
    You and your friend decide to go shopping. She wants to buy a dress to impress her crush. She has her eye on a red mini, but it's not that flattering. You know she'll get upset if you tell her, what do you do?
    You tell her you're not quite sure it's her. While she's trying something else you decide to give the dress a shot. It looks much better on you, so before she has a chance to complain you tell her you're going to buy it, before legging it to the cashier.
    Start laughing. You don't mean to, but she looks really ridiculous. You apologise fore being tactless when she rips the dress off in a huff. You know she'll forgive you - especially when you find her a nicer dress that suits her more.
    You um, and ah, and persuade her to try on a different (more flattering) dress. You then spend the next 30 minutes persuading her to buy the 2nd dress. You think of hundreds of reasons like: it's classic, it'll never date, you look so sophisticated, etc . . . . In the end she's convinced. It's been hard, but she's happy because she thinks she's made the decision all on her own.
    You tell her she looks like a bag of spuds in an ankle sock. So what if the truth hurts? It would definitely hurt more if she left the house like that.
    There is no way you can tell her. So you smile, tell her she looks cool, and then leave the shop with her brand new purchase. You do feel a bit guilty, but when you see how happy she is you can't bear to tell her different. In the back of your mind you're willing her mum to tell her the truth when she sees her in it,
  • 3
    You and your best buddy decide to go to the cinema. You've just seen an ad of a chick flick you want to see. Trouble is, she's been going on about a film she's been gagging to see, what do you do?
    Flip a coin - the chance of film is down in chance, and you've agreed to see the 'loser's' film next week as well
    You demand to see your film - it looks a million times better than the one she wants to see anyway.
    Let her see the film - you'd much rather she was happy - you can always see the film you want to see when it comes out on video.
    Play the martyr - you tell her you'll see her film if you must, but you make it completely clear you're compromising for her. You know there's a chance if you whinge enough she may just give in.
    Shrug your shoulders and get her to make the decision.
  • 4
    You're getting changed in the dressing room from football and you overhear a group of girls gossiping about your friend coping off with a gross boy. It's been made up, what do you do?
    Hide away and listen to what they have got to say. Then ask your friend what she would do if she heard someone talking about you. Her response will make up your mind about what you're going to do.
    Tell the gang to stop gossiping about your buddy - especially when they have got the facts wrong. You tell them you're going to tell your buddy - if only to get them worried.
    Start laughing - then tell them they've got it all wrong. She was really snagging the most popular boy in school. So what if it's not true? If they are gossiping about your buddy you can at least make sure she comes out on top.
    Sneak out - you don't want to upset anyone. You decide not to tell your friend - she'd be gutted if she knew.
    You ignore them. So what if they're gossiping? It's got nothing to do with you.
  • 5
    You friend has started coping everything you do. Even you haircut, the way you talk, your likes and dislikes. It's driving you bonkers! What do you do?
    Say nothing. It's obviously a compliment, and you'd really offend her if you did say anything.
    You spot a hideous orange fluffy coat in the shops. You tell her you've just bought it, even though you haven't. You know she's going to run out and buy the same coat, which means you'll get the last laugh.
    Tell her she's stupid. It's time she got her own life.
    Sit her down and talk to her. You tell her you're flattered, but it's not quite right. You tell her she doesn't need to copy you to be your friend - before adding that you liked her because she was so different.
    Laugh it off - who cares if she's coping you? You're the original!
  • 6
    Your friend has a row with one of your mutual friends, she is really upset and is reckons the other girl is out of order. How do you feel?
  • 7
    You've had a big bust up with a friend about a boy you both fancy. How do you feel?
    Not bothered?
  • 8
    You and your friend both audition for the role of Snady in your school production of Grease, she gets the part. How do you feel?
    Pleased, but disappointed?
  • 9
    You've just found out your best friend's boyfriend is cheating on her. You decide to confront him. How do you feel?
    Glad she's broken up with this creep?
  • 10
    Your mucking around in the playground and as your new boyfriend walks past your friend shoves you into another guy. How do you feel?
    Not bothered?

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