Are you a werewolf or not?

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This I a list of question that I have come up with to determine if someone is truly a werewolf, or is the type who likes to think they are. Answer truthfully and you will get the right answers. The only problem is, It might not be what you hoped it to be.

  • 1
    How do you like your steak?
    Steak, nasty. Got any carrots?
    Right off the bone of a living animal. Yum.
    Well done with lots of spices.
    Rare please. The two flip done method.
  • 2
    What do you do on a full moon?
    Go join my brethren in the hunt!
    Sit outside, maybe have a smoke and listen to the howls.
    Play video games and relax.
    Who cares really.
  • 3
    What happens when you sleep?
    I go to sleep and have weird dreams. When I wake up, I'm on the floor with something broken.
    I don't sleep. I hunt.
    Well, lets see. I sleep!
    Sometimes I can't go to sleep and when I do I am always tired the next day.
  • 4
    How close are you to your friends?
    Burp! I have no more friends. I ate them.
    Close but not too close. It's for their own good.
    Very close. I'd do anything for them.
    I know they will always be there. No matter what happened
  • 5
    If you see a pair of yellow eyes staring at you from a bush, what do you do?
    I am the yellow eyes staring at you.
    Walk by calmly and ignore it. He knows me.
    Growl and challenge him to fight.
    Run as fast as humanly possible!
  • 6
    How would you describe your appetite?
    I'm always hungry. For meat.
    Average. I eat to live, not live to eat.
    Small for some reason. When I wake up I'm always full.
    Hungry when I see something I want.
  • 7
    What things do you smell when walking into a grocery store?
    Vegetables, yum.
    Fresh meat, everywhere.
    Cleaning detergent and too much floor wax.
    I smell the Meat department, deli, bakery, seafood and, ugh, the bathroom.
  • 8
    If you were bitten by someone, and the wound healed the next day. What would you think?
    Awesome. I'm felling kind of weird.
    Freak out and drive my car into a lake.
    Very bad. This can mean only one thing. Gulp.
    Was I high last night. I can't remember.
  • 9
    Would you ever kill someone, just to do it?
    Yes. If they were to try and kill me or my family.
    Heck yes. I do every night.
    No. I would not kill someone just to do it. Only if i really had to, or I could not help the matter.
    No. I don't kill. I'm a pacifist.
  • 10
    Do you feel aggressive or hot headed around others you don't like?
    No. I simply ignore it and carry on with my business.
    Yes. If they start a scuff between us all the time.
    Yes very. I like to beat them up all the time and growl as I do so.

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