A Computer Test?

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This test examines different aspects of a basic. The questions are not specific to any one operating system (i.e. Windows, MAC, Apple, etc). It covers the position of the keys on the keyboard, basic Word processing skills, internet basics and random other things.

  • 1
    On the keyboard, the "Z" key is placed in what position?
    top right
    bottom left
  • 2
    What side of the keyboard is the "W" key placed?
    W? There is no "W" key you idiot!
    top left
    bottom right
    top right
  • 3
    What does Microsoft Word allow you to do?
    Create databases that could do who knows what
    Take pictures
    Create text document and save and print them if you so choose
    Create slide show presentations that you can use to embarrass other people
    Create spreadsheets that only a genius would know how to use
  • 4
    In Word, how do you save documents?
    Go to File Menu and select "Page Setup"
    Type "SAVE" and hold the Alt key for ten seconds
    Ctrl + S
  • 5
    No matter what program you're in, what key command will exit out of it?
    Alt + F4
    Ctrl + Backspace
    There is no key command to do this operation
    Windows key + M
  • 6
    What key command will minimize your active window? (hopefully you know what I'm talking about)
    Windows key + M
    Alt + U
    Pressing the key that turns your computer off
    Ctrl + Alt + delete
    Alt + F4
  • 7
    When creating a presentation in PowerPoint, what are the first two things you have to come up with?
    Title and subtitle
    Title and number
    Your name and a subtitle
  • 8
    Which of the following can NOT be used in a PowerPoint presentation?
    All of these can be used
    audio clips
  • 9
    What does "www" stand for?
    no one knows
    We Want War
    World Wide Wimps
    World Wide Web
    Whole Wide World
  • 10
    What are Yahoo and Google examples of?
    Search engines
    Both of these are correct
  • 11
    What does the "E" in E-mail stand for?
  • 12
    Which of these Websites can you not get an e-mail address from?
  • 13
    What can't you do on a computer yet?
    Make a cup of coffee
    listen to music
  • 14
    What else can't you do on a computer yet?
    find your soul mate
    Create a Spreadsheet
    Take a shower
    Do your homework
  • 15
    Now, let's talk about things you shouldn't do on a computer, Name one thing...

    watch movies (legally of course)
    Visit porno sites
    send e-mails that don't contain viruses that you know of
    Create computer viruses that ruin other people's computers
    Visit chat rooms
  • 16
    What's something else you should never do on a computer?
    use it for online dating
    Send threatening e-mails
    use eBay
  • 17
    What does the hard drive do?
    Stores saved data
    Plays music
    Keeps your computer stuck together
    absolutely nothing
  • 18
    Human is to brain as computer is to ...?
    hard drive
  • 19
    Which of these is NOT an external (you can see it) part of your computer? (without going inside it)
  • 20
    Give me another visible part of your computer
    Hard drive

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