Are you a good friend?

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How good of a friend are you? Do people like having you around... or are you a pain? Do your buds really think you're fun? Yes or no? (GIRLS ONLY)

  • 1
    Your bud's failing English class. You say...
    How about I come over and help you study?
    Oh yeah, my brother failed a class once. That was tough.
    Oh that stinks... so anyway, do you like my new jeans?
  • 2
    What would your best friend say about you?
    She's always there for me-I can tell her anything.
    She's fun to be around, but I can't rely o her for major problems.
    She's okay sometimes, but all she really thinks about is herself.
  • 3
    The popular girls are bad-mouthing your bud when you're around. You...
    Totally agree with them. It's the price of being cool.
    Fidget nervously and try to change the subject.
    Stick up for her- don't go messing with my sister!
  • 4
    Your best friends really cut crush starts grilling you about her. You...
    Tell him she's not interested and start flirting. You want this guy.
    Talk her up and give him her
    Start describing her, but you can't keep your eyes off him.
  • 5
    Your bff is having a bad day and snaps at you. How do you react?
    Want and argument? Bring it on!
    Forgive and forget- you've had your off days too.
    Blow it off and give her some space for a couple days.
  • 6
    Your bud is captain of the soccer team, and you're pretty good at bench-warming. She just scored the game-winning goal. You..
    Run out and hug her- you're genuinely happy for her!
    Tell all your other friends that she cheated in the game.
    Congratulate her, but silently wish that you could hare in the glory.
  • 7
    It’s been three months since your friend moved away (sad!). You
    I'm her every day because you know she must be lonely
    Forget about her and have a new best friend now.
    called her two weeks ago, and she was doing OK then.
  • 8
    You’re starting to become friends with some more popular girls, and they asked you to sit with them at lunch.
    b. You say “good-bye anonymity; hello, popularity!” you wouldn’t give up this chance for anything
    you say “no thanks”- you know where your loyalties lie.
    You say, “okay”, and tell your friend you’ll only sit with them for only today.
  • 9
    Your friend told you her boyfriend is abusing her, and doesn't want you to tell anyone. You...
    talk to and adult you trust. She won't like it, but she'll eventually realize that is was worth it. You want her to be safe.
    try to convince your friend to break up with him, but she won't so you give up.
    tell her not to worry about it, and that if she wants to be cool, she can't break up with him.
  • 10
    Do you think you're a good friend?
    most of the time, I guess
    I do my best... all of my friends are important.
    Who wouldn't want a friend like me?

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