Ultimate Attitude Test

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Take this test to see what your attitude is on a daily basis!

  • 1
    If you saw the firemen rescuing a baby kitten trapped in a tree, what would your reaction be?
    To think, Ah, that's what our wonderful fire department's for!
    To not care at all and go about your business.
    To make some remark about how pet owners these days are so cruel.
    To wonder how much attention you would get if you climbed a tree.
    To wonder why you're even there, watching....so boring.....
  • 2
    Someone trips you in the hallway and all your stuff goes flying across the floor- plus you're already late for class! What do you do?
    Never happened, I was already in the classroom, making paper airplanes
    Scrape together all your stuff and shuffle off to class, head hung low.
    Say, "Oops!", smile, get your stuff, and skip off to class.
    Complain to the principal about the idiots you're forced to work with.
    Leave your stuff on the floor and amble off to class.
  • 3
    The object of your affections just asked your best friend to the dance instead of you! Your reaction:
    Ask another cute person instead!
    Dances bore me. This test bores me.
    Write a brief, Shakespeare-influenced satyr about how love sucks.
    So? I wasn't going to the dance anyway.
    Cry/ Mope/ Sulk for days on end.
  • 4
    Your favorite food? (pick one)
    Anything you care to slap together.
    Tofu. Plain tofu.
  • 5
    Favorite color?
    Sunshine yellow!
    I change it every day because it gets monochrome after a while.
    Don't care.
  • 6
    Do you like school?
    School bores me.
    Don't care.
    No. People there don't care about or understand me.
  • 7
    Is this test going to be helpful to you?
    Don't care.
    I think so, someday!
    You bore me, RebelWaltz101.
    About as helpful for me as all you conformists out there!
  • 8
    Do you think you sleep enough?
    No, because I'm up too late being angry at all the world's issues.
    Probably too much.
    Who cares?
    I think I get just enough sleep!
    Yeah, whatever. Next question!
  • 9
    Favorite genre of books?
    Fantasy/ Fiction
    I hate books.
    Depressing poems.
    Books bore me.
    Sci-fi/ 19th century humorist poetry.
  • 10
    What do you hate the most?
    Nothing. I don't care enough to choose.
    The ways of mankind.
    Sunny days. They irritate me.
    Rainy days.
    *more yawns*
  • 11
    What do you love the most?
    Summer vacation!
    Rainy days.
    Writing satires.
    Everything bores me. How can I like any of it?
  • 12
    Your favorite movie?
    All movies bore me.
    A Series of Unfortunate Events the movie
    I don't care for movies.
    Super size Me
    Finding Nemo! Dory and Crush are my favorites!
  • 13
    Favorite sport?
    Sports bore me.
    I hate them all. They're mindless, pointless shows of Cro-Magnon behaviour.
    Baseball, swimming, football, tennis, basketball, hockey! Love them all!
    Don't like sports.
    Handball. I get to play by myself.
  • 14
    pick one word:
  • 15
    Last Question: How do you like this test?
    It bores me.
    I don't care.
    It was quite good!
    It makes me upset.
    Waste of valuable loathing time....I hate it!

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Three_Days_Grace_14 ( 9.127 )
Posted 191 days ago
The one I got 0% on is actually my additude, and I'm a short fuse so this test was kinda ofd but funny 👍
Mad Hatter ( 98.97 )
Posted 242 days ago
It doesn't take a genius to tell me that I'm bored and nothing can entertain me. Not hating on the quiz or you tho. It was ok
Savanna ( 5.114 )
Posted 306 days ago
These quizzes are really fun. I am not board anymore. TKS!