Are you really in love?

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Seriously, it might be a schoolgirl crush or the real damn thing! Sorry, I meant true love. Find out before it's too late...

  • 1
    First time you talked to him... It was love at first sight! So wait, when was the first time you talked to him? (first of the many stupid questions I come up with...)
    1 month to half a year
    I haven't talked to him, I just admire him from afar! (*cough* stalker*cough*)
    I don't remember
    over half a year ago
    less than a month ago
  • 2
    How far would you go to get his love? (no wonder the creator doesn't have bf, she scares them away with questions like these)
    I would confess my love in front of anyone
    go on a diet (not that your fat or anything '^-^)
    I don't know...dress up and look pretty?
    I'd fill his locker with 100 love notes <3 but not sign my name of course
    I'd do almost anything (except die or kill people)
  • 3
    What do you like about him?
    I can't other people he's imperfect as can be but to me he has no faults. I love everything about him.
    he's popular and funny
    I like his hair
    he looks hot
    he's a nice guy
  • 4
    Pretend your friends think he is ugly and stupid and really immature. How would you respond to that?
    I'd stop liking him or talking about him
    No way, all my friends thinks he's super hot
    I'd ditch all my friends
    I'll only talk about him more, no matter what they say
  • 5
    Do you think he likes you back?
    I don't know, maybe
    I'd like to think so
    duh, we are like the perfect couple
    I heard his friends say it so it must be true
    sure we've been teased about it but I have this deep connection that he likes me
  • 6
    When you are with him you feel...
    really happy
  • 7
    His you know them or get along?
    No. they suck
    his friends are my friends too =)
    um...I don't stalk them or anything but I do know their names
    I think I know a couple of them but I usually concentrate on him <3
  • 8
    If he starts going out with someone you would...
    No one gets between him and me, on one! -foams at mouth-
    He's already with 3 girls...
    as long as he is happy with her, so are you
    hope they are happy but still check up on them often
    secretly stalk them both and see what they are up to everyday
  • 9
    How many times have you heard your friends complain that you talk about him too much?
    quite a few times actually
    Who doesn't talk about him? It's nothing to be surprised about
    nah, I keep it to myself
    they got tired of complaining and bought ear plugs instead
    Well I never! They talk just as much about him.
  • 10
    What's your relationship right now?
    more like enemies
    just started going out
    we are going steady =3
    we don't really have one

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