What kind of friend are you?

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  • 1
    Your friend shares a huge secret with you and says not to tell anyone. You
    forget bout the secret
    Keep it in the vault, that's what friends are for
    Inform a few of your other friends. Hey, you're not a saint!
  • 2
    A friend comes to you in a panic - she thinks her boyfriend might be cheating. You're feeling really tired out. What do you do?
    Say you'll call her later to talk about it... and maybe forget to call.
    you say you can't talk to her, besides her boyfriend is cheating on her------with you!
    Help her calm down on the spot.
  • 3
    A friend begs you for help studying for a test tonight, but you already rented a movie that's due back at the store tomorrow. You:
    Watch the movie, then put in a call afterwards
    tell her you have your problems to worry about... and that you also need to study
    Help your friend and pay to keep the movie an extra day
  • 4
    You go shopping with your friend and she tries on an outfit that you don't like. You say:
    "I don't know if it's the most flattering thing you could get." Then point out something better.
    "That would look better on someone like me."
    without even looking at her, you say "it looks good, let's go now!"
  • 5
    Your friend did something that upset you, but you know she didn't do it on purpose. You write her a letter about it, then:
    when you give to her you flip her off
    Decide not to send it. She never meant to hurt you and the letter might make things worse.
    Send it. She owes you an apology.
  • 6
    Right after your friend breaks up with her long-time boyfriend, he starts seeking you out and flirting with you big time. What do you do?
    Flirt right back. It's fun and it doesn't mean anything.
    you start dating and rub it in your friend's face
    Give him the "cold shoulder" and walk away.
  • 7
    You hear some people making fun of your friend behind her back. What's your reaction?
    You keep your mouth shut. Your friend wasn't around to hear, so there's no harm done.
    You tell them to quit it.
    you join them!
  • 8
    You're helping some people throw a birthday party for your friend. You know she would want you to invite a certain friend of hers... but you really don't like that person. What do you do?
    don't invite her and instead invite some friends of your own.
    Invite the friend you don't like
    Conveniently forget to invite that person.
  • 9
    You win two tickets to a great concert. Who do you take with you?
    Your boyfriend of two weeks
    a guy I just met and show off the tickets to my friends
    Your friend of two years.
  • 10
    Your friend loaned you ten dollars quite a while ago... and she hasn't mentioned it since. You:
    Figure she's forgotten... which is good, because now you can forget it too!
    Pay it back as soon as you remember.
    don't pay her at all....who cares.....I'm a buy myself an outfit!1

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