What Horse Suits You?

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This quiz will test you on what you are like. What your life is like, to find a horse that is just like you!

  • 1
    What are you like?
    Liking to Compete a lot
    Happy, Silly, Wild
    Thinking your SO Cool and Cute! Into fashion of course
    Patient, Quiet, Calm
  • 2
    What Is your Life like?
    A Happy Normal life
    Fashion is the answer
    Having to deal with People who are all Bossy!
    A quiet life
  • 3
    What kind of friends do you have?
    Happy Friends!
    Having Beautiful friends appreciating how Wonderful I am.
    A few Good friends
    Normal Friends..........
  • 4
    Somebody Hurt your Feelings. What do you do?
    Start Talking of how they Can't treat me this way! Or My Mom has to deal with them!
    How mean and nasty they are!
    Say that your way too good them. (You flip your hair and walk away, ignoring them)
    Say nothing and don't reply to an insult.
  • 5
    Imagine You meet a guy.. You like! Your crazy about him, But your enemy, Likes him Too! She keeps daring you to compete with her. What should you do?
    You know you will win! She is not beautiful as you are. (That's what you think)
    Your complete shy to even compete! (You give a shy look and turn away)
    She could have him. You have no luck of winning him.
    Accept her Challenge. You Know you will win!
  • 6
    What Kind of thing you dreamed of?
    Trail riding a horse..
    (Nothing. Go trailing... Nobody will make you sad now..)
    Being a beautiful Model
    Being happy FOREVER!
  • 7
    What is your Favourite colour?
    RED! the Colour of Being HAPPY!
    Pink, DUH
    Blue.. Makes you feel calm.
    Green.. Really
  • 8
    What Horse camp do you want?
    Racing..! I could show off a Trick or two, and they will LOVE MY SKILLS!
    A Happy horse camp! Doesn't matter! As long as you're happy!
    No way I would be in horse camp! I'll get mud on My beautiful feet and Pinkie dress!
  • 9
    What clothes do you Like to wear?
    Light clothes of HAPPY
    Racing Silk.. Racing pants, and shoes.
    Normal clothes..............................
    A beautiful dress, To impress everybody!
  • 10
    Last question, What Animal do you like?
    A dog, what speed! (Shakes head) Incredible..
    I don't need a pet to be Happy!
    A Cat.. A Beautiful Cat