What kind of friend are you?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of friend you are? Well in this quiz you can find out! (And don't worry if it's not what you expected. After all it's not real!):)

  • 1
    What would you do if your friend was being bullied by someone?
    Help him/her. Break up the fight and pull my friend away.
    Nothing. Who cares if my friend gets hurt?
    Who says I have any friends?
    Nothing. Living to see tomorrow is more important than my friends!
    Help him/her. Go up to the bully and tell him/her to stop hurting my friend.
  • 2
    Your birthday is today! But your best friend didn't get you a gift! Do you?
    Ask my friend for a present
    Let it go. Friendship is the best gift my friend can give
    Let it go. He/she probably just forgot
    Demand a present from them or else
    No one gives me gifts on my birthday anyway
  • 3
    Your friend just failed a huge test. What do you do to cheer him/her up?
    Give my friend a huge hug and try to make him/her smile
    Why would I cheer my friend up? It's not like I care or anything!
    Take my friend to his/her favorite place and spend a day with them
    My friend would never fail a test.......because I don't have one
    Give my friend a awkward pat on the back and say, "It's okay"
  • 4
    Your friend just insulted you about your new outfit, which you happen to love a lot. How do you respond?
    Angrily. I'd shove my friend and say, "Hey! There's nothing wrong with my outfit!"
    I'd be mad and insult my friend in return
    I'd just shrug it off and think my friend is in a bad mood
    I'd be mad but wouldn't say anything
    People insult me all the time! But I don't care
  • 5
    You told your friend your deepest, darkest secret and he/she promised not to tell. Then, a few days later, your secret is out all over the school! What do you do?
    Forgive my friend. Everybody messes up once in a while.
    Never talk to my friend again. How could I, after he/she betrayed me?
    Forgive my friend but ignore him/her for the rest of the day
    Go up to my friend and curse them out for letting out my secret
    How could my friend tell the school my secret? He/she's imaginary!
  • 6
    Your friend has abandoned you to sit with the popular kids. How do you react?
    Let him/her sit with the popular, I can live without him/her for a day
    Go up to my friend and tell them to forget about ever being friends with me again
    Let him/her sit with the popular, it's probably nothing
    I have no friends that would abandon me anyway!
    Go up to my friend and tell them to sit with you
  • 7
    You lent your friend your favorite CD but he/she still has not given it back. What do you say?
    Give me my CD back or you won't be my friend anymore!
    You can keep my CD for as long as you want.
    You must really like my CD so you can keep it.
    1) I don't have CDs and 2) I don't have friends.
    Can I please have my CD back soon?
  • 8
    You see the new boy/girl sitting alone during lunch. What do you do?
    Leave him/her sitting alone
    Join the bullies in teasing him/her
    Hey! I'm the new boy/girl sitting alone!
    Don't move to his/her table but give him/her a smile and a wave
    Sit with him/her and make friends
  • 9
    How do your friends describe you as a friend?
    I have no friends to describe me
    Good, fine and great
    Okay, medium and average
    Horrible, mean and obnoxious
    Excellent, awesome and amazing
  • 10
    Okay, last question. How do you think you are as a friend?
    I'm probably a bad friend, but I don't know because I don't have any.
    I'd say I treat them excellently
    I'd say I do an okay job
    I think I'm a good friend
    Personally, I'm horrible towards my friends

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