What do you do when….?

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See how you respond to different situations, good and bad. Its fun to see how you react! Be sure to choose the answer that displays the TYPE of reaction you might have, not the specific reaction itself.

  • 1
    An angry man kicks a small puppy…
    Pretend you never saw it and go on with your life.
    Laugh and keep walking.
    Yell at the guy and threaten to call the police.
    Punch that jerk in the face!
    Run to the puppy to see if it is OK.
  • 2
    Your car runs out of gas on the highway…
    Call your mother and ask what to do.
    Shake your head and start walking to the nearest gas station.
    Try turning the car back on in hope that nothing is really wrong.
    Get out of that piece of junk car, slam the door and kick the tire!
    Yell and wonder why this had to happen to you.
  • 3
    Someone farts in a crowded elevator…
    Just one more thing to add to my already crappy day.
    Laugh and say “Man, that was a good one!”
    “Alright, who crapped themselves?”
    Think it’s gross and hold my nose.
    Be disgusted and hate the person who farted.
  • 4
    You win a microwave at a local raffle…
    Jump up screaming with excitement and surprise!
    Accept the prize with a smile and give it to a close friend.
    I won’t use it, I already have a microwave.
    I never win anything.
    Pretend to be excited, but you just came for the food.
  • 5
    Someone cuts in front of you in line at a fast food restaurant…
    Let them cut, but silently think what a jerk they are.
    Tell the manager about it, maybe even sue they guy while I’m at it!
    Step back a little to give them room to stand.
    “What the heck, man! I was here first”
    Politely let them know you don't appreciate that they cut you.
  • 6
    Someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to…
    “That’s a fricking stupid question!”
    Make up an elaborate answer and hope that they get lost somewhere in the process.
    “Did you say something?”
    “Don’t know and don’t care.”
    “I really don’t know, but I can find out.”
  • 7
    You burn your food while cooking dinner…
    Cooking's the woman’s job!
    Oh well, I’ll just cook some more.
    Feel depressed, and just decide not to eat dinner.
    Blame the people who made the oven because they made it wrong!
    I never cook. I eat out or eat junk food for almost every meal.
  • 8
    You win a bicycle race…
    “I won! What’s the prize? Where’s my trophy?”
    I don’t ride a bike
    Heck yeah I won, not like I would lose! I’m the Man/Woman!
    Be very happy, and congratulate the other racers for their great effort.
    Celebrate wildly with friends, get drunk!
  • 9
    You and one of your close friends get in a minor car accident…
    Get angry and start blaming the other guy for being stupid.
    Sit and wait for the cops to come.
    Be glad I didn’t get hurt, and check the damage to the car.
    Check to make sure my friend is OK.
    The other guy’s insurance better pay for a new paint job.
  • 10
    You are in a convenience store during an armed robbery…
    “Ah great – now I’m going to be late for work!”
    Stay and watch to see what happens.
    Sneak up behind the guy and jump on him!
    Call 911 on my cell phone.
    Hide in the bathroom and wait until it’s over.
  • 11
    Someone asks you to donate to charity…
    Begin a debate with the person about the economy.
    Happily pull $20 from your wallet/purse and walk away feeling great!
    “Sorry, I’m in a hurry. Maybe I’ll come back later.”
    Pretend you didn’t hear them and hope they didn’t notice you.
    Give whatever change you have in your pocket.
  • 12
    Your house is on fire, what would you take with you?
    Anything personal that I can’t get back through insurance money
    My car
    Nothing – let it burn
    My favorite T-shirt
    Photo albums

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