Does He Like You? (And this one works!)

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Okay, you like him and you are 100% sure he likes you! But is it true? Maybe, maybe not... This quiz is based on the answers you have... it is not a "this is the right answer, this is the wrong" quiz, but instead each answer gives you some points for the answer you give so... tell the truth!

  • 1
    If you were to sit by him at lunch, what would he do?
    He'd move
    He'd say something like 'Hi' or something, and smile, but nothing more
    He'd stay, but ignore you
    He's totally forget his friends and keep talking and staring at you!
    He'd stay talking to his friends, but every now and then he'd talk to you as well
  • 2
    So One day you decide to ask his very best friend if he likes you. What does his friend say?
    He says "__ talks about another girl, but once I told him you like him and he said you're his friend"
    He says "Well sometimes he says little things about you, he says you're a good friend to him"
    He says "__ never talks about you, he always talks about another girl"
    He says "He talks about you a lot, he says he likes you"
    He says "__ said your his friend but he doesn't talk about any other girls so.. maybe"
  • 3
    How often do you talk to him?
    We talk a good bit, and it seems like he really likes to talk
    Sometimes, little conversations in a day
    Like nothing more then hi
    Only things like if I ask him where a class is
    well... practically.... never.
  • 4
    Has he given you his number?
    He never has the time, but once we sat by each other and I saw him writing it when the bell rang and we left
    He's shy, even if he wanted to he wouldn't
    Yeah, but he said so that me and his friends plus mine could get together (as friends he says)
  • 5
    Has he ever complimented you?
    Like twice a day... "Your eyes are pretty.... that dress matches your personality, and your personality is great!"
    Once in a while.. like sometimes "nice hair" or "You look nice in that short"
    Sort of, once he said "Nice shoes"
    In an insulting way sort of.... I asked him to dance once and he said "sorry I got someone else, but I like your dress"
  • 6
    How much do you guys have in common?
    Nothing. He hates Goths, I am a Goth. Black is the one thing he wants to destroy, I love black. He hunts, I'm against it.....
    Nothing! We are totally alike! We always agree
    Mostly. Like for instance, he doesn't like dresses, I wear them all the time.
    One thing, and its stupid. It's just he doesn't like pink and I do
    Some things. Maybe three things. Like he's not talkative, I am. He likes dogs, I don't. He hunts, I'm against it
  • 7
    What's he like towards you friends?
    He thins they are weird. OR He has a little crush on one of them, it's not big
    Most of them he hates and is mean to, but my best friend he has a crush on!
    He's fine with them
    He fights with them a lot, none of them really like him
    He thinks they are cool, but he isn't crushing on them thank god
  • 8
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    No! And he hasn't had one in a while which is so good on my part
    He has this tiny crush on a girl but its disappearing fast because she just got another boyfriend
    He just broke up with his, I doubt he really wants one
    He just got a girlfriend, and they fright sometimes though
    Yep, and they've been together like, forever
  • 9
    So one day you walk by him and 'accidentally' drop your books, and you know he's looking. What does he do?
    He says 'hey I'd help you but I have a class sorry'
    He asks if you need help, you say yes, and he helps
    He walks off
    He asks if you need help, and when you say yes he just stands around
    He dives down and picks up all the books, puts them in a neat little stack, and smiles as he hands them to you
  • 10
    How old is he?
    No idea. But he's several grades away from me, oh yeah, not to mention he doesn't know I exist because he's a celebrity
    He's my age, and he only goes out with girls his age
    He's a year older, but he's mostly interested in other girls
    He's two years older
    He's a year older, but I have no idea if he has a girlfriend

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