What Eragon Character Are You?

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Have you ever wondered exactly which Eragon character you would be most like? Well, if you have, this is just the test for you. Easy to answer questions.

  • 1
    What is your favorite color?
    Saphire Blue
  • 2
    You have been training in magic and battle for a short while when you hear that Urgals are invading the city. What do you do?
    Use any magic or battle skills that will help you. Hey, you can take them, right?
    Attack immediately. You are fierce and no other being can take you down.
    Prepare for battle. You are a master at magic, and no-one can match the speed of your sword.
    Fight from the rooftops, while the Urgals are unsuspecting victims. They'll never know what hit them.
    Determine which part of the city is being invaded and make a well-thought-out plan to drive them out of the city.
  • 3
    You have a free day in Ellesmera. What do you do?
    Go practice your swordsmanship with the elves. If you beat them, you can beat anybody.
    Hide out in your own house. Why should you wonder around when everyone looks down on you?
    Hunt. How much meat can one catch on a beautiful day like this?
    You are very busy running about the palace.
    Seek out the elf queen and catch up on what has happened in the last few decades since you last met.
  • 4
    What is your favorite thing to do?
    Hide out in the woods and avenge what your father and the Empire has done to you and others.
    Discover new things and pass them on to others.
    Fly through the clouds and smirk at the thought that the people below can't fly like you.
    Test others of their own skills. There are few that can even equal up to you.
    Prove yourself. Everyone underestimates what you can do.
  • 5
    What element do you enjoy most?
    All of them.
  • 6
    What makes you feel happy and content?
  • 7
    Pick which one describes you.
    Headstrong at times.
    An outcast.
  • 8
    What annoys you most?
    Those who underestimate you and your powers.
    Those who refuse to listen and understand.
    Those who harm other people just to cause pain and suffering.
    Those who lack the ability to see peace in the world.
    Those who hurt you or those you love.
  • 9
    Who do you think is the ultimate enemy?
    Revenge. Power. Deceit. Hate.
    People. They never stop fighting.
    King Galbatorix. Urgals. The Ra'zac.
    Anyone who doesn't listen to Reason.
  • 10
    What character do you think you are most like?

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