The Ultimate U.S. History Quiz

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The wait is over; another Ultimate Quiz is out! This quiz will cover early U.S. history, and it will be fairly tough.
-Another quiz brought to you by Dr. Cornwallis.

  • 1
    What two pieces of advise did George Washington give in his Farewell Address?
    Stay neutral, and be wary of political parties
    Make as many allies as possible, and make better decisions on foreign policies
    Give the states more power, and make a new Constitution
    Declare war with France, and raise taxes
  • 2
    What man began the Federalist political party?
    George Washington
    Alexander Hamilton
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Madison
  • 3
    What man began the Democratic Republican political party?
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
    Alexander Hamilton
    James Madison
  • 4
    What happened in the "Revolution of 1800"?
    Power of a country was passed between two men of different political beliefs diplomatically
    African American slaves gained their freedom
    The U.S. gained its freedom from the British
    The Declaration of Independence was signed
  • 5
    Why did farmers rebel, starting the Whiskey Rebellion?
    It was made illegal to drink whiskey
    A type of poison got into whiskey, killing many people
    Federalists stole ordered that all wheat be made into flour, causing a decrease in whiskey
    A tariff was placed on liquor, making the farmers angry
  • 6
    What caused the split of the Federalist party?
    Thomas Jefferson persuaded many Federalists to join the Democratic Republicans
    Many Federalists were killed by the French Navy
    Hamilton got shot and killed by Aaron Burr in a duel
    Adams disagreed with Hamilton and many other Federalists about whether there should be war with France
  • 7
    What did the Sedition Act, a law set by Adams, state?
    That it was illegal for anyone to speak against the government
    Immigrants had to wait 14 years to become legal citizens of the U.S.
    That immigrants thought to be dangerous by the President could be deported
    The British had to stop seizing American ships
  • 8
    Who were X, Y, and Z?
    Three French agents who bribed Americans
    Three Senators who planned to assassinate President Adams
    Three Federalists who were killing Democratic Republicans
    Three of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence
  • 9
    What Amendment did the Democratic Republicans say the Sedition Act violated?
    The First
    The Fourth
    The Second
    The Third
  • 10
    What type of ships did Adams build to strengthen the U.S. Navy?
  • 11
    What group made the final vote for the third President and his Vice-President?
    The House of Representatives
    The Senate
    The Electoral College
    U.S. citizens
  • 12
    What did Hamilton suggest the government repay to have a lower national debt?
    War costs
  • 13
    What issue did the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions raise?
    War with France
    States' rights
    National debt
  • 14
    Out of the following, what was a precedent set by George Washington?
    He didn't have a political party
    He put a tariff on liquor
    He tested the will of the government
    He stepped down after his second term of presidency
  • 15
    What was the first reason the Twelfth Amendment was ratified?
    The President and Vice-President who were elected in 1796 were from different political parties
    The Federalist party split
    The civil war began
    The second President killed his Vice-President
  • 16
    What was the second reason the Twelfth Amendment was ratified?
    The majority of the electoral college became sick during the 1800 election for President
    The electoral college started fighting with each other
    The electoral college was disliked by the general public
    The President and Vice-President got a tied vote from the electoral college in the election of 1800
  • 17
    What country did the Federalist party want close ties with?
    The Netherlands
  • 18
    What country did the Democratic Republican party want close ties with?
    The Netherlands
  • 19
    Who were the second President and Vice-President of the U.S.?
    John Adams and Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
    John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
  • 20
    What two Democratic Republicans wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions?
    James Madison and James Monroe
    James Madison and Aaron Burr
    Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
    James Madison and Thomas Jefferson

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