The Pie test

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What is it like to be starving in a room with 100 other men and one pie to eat. Take this test to see how you would react.

  • 1
    You're in a room with 100 other men. You all haven't eaten in days and a guard brings in a pie what would you do?
    Think of hot girls
    Stand there staring at the pie until someone takes it and eats it
    Quickly run to the pie attempting to get it before someone else takes it
    I like purple
    Ignore the fact that you'll never get there as there is too many people in the room
  • 2
    You are walking through a big corn field running from something but you don't know what it is. Until you turn around and there is a floating thing with steam coming off it what do you do?
    Turn around and eat it
    I like pies
    Think of hot Chicks
    Ignore it, it's a pie for stuffs sake
    Keep running and never look back
  • 3
    OK you just bought a pie and you're about to start driving home. Is the pie more valuable to think of, would you eat the pie?
    Eat it before you go home
    I like Pies
    Wait like a sensible man until you get home only to discover it is cold and you have to eat it up in the microwave
    Think why did I even buy the Pie
    Ignore the pies and go to another shop and buy a coke and drink it
  • 4
    If you had an unlimited supply of pies and you took the pies to a cow factory what would you do with the pies?
    Pack the pies away in a freezer so you know what the pies are supposed to look like after the poor cows are dead.
    Ride on a cow whilst taking some crazy medicine
    Take the Pies away into another shed and store them away from the cows.
    Laugh at the pies that are to be!
    Grab a pie and eat it while the cows are in front of them just to annoy them
  • 5
    What type of pie is the most common type of pie?
    Shepherds pie
    Cream Pie
    All of the above
    Apple Pie
    Meat Pie
  • 6
    Why are you even bothered taking a test about Pies?
    Because I'm bored
    I like Pies
    To think about hot Chicks
    The only reason is because I'm to obsessed with pies is. So I can find out my true pie identity
  • 7
    Pies are nice do you like Pie?
    NO! Hell no!
    Yes they taste very good with or without sauce!
    "I don't know I'm just doing this to think about hot chicks".
    NO I'm just here to improve my IQ
  • 8
    Would you make love to a pie?
    I like Pies
    Just think of hot chicks
    No hell no it taste bad but to do that just well ..... er.... seriously, no
    Yes I love making love to well anything even my favourite food the pie
  • 9
    Well we are getting close to the end of the quiz and well you're going good how do you think you are going so far with the fact that the first time in history you're getting tested about pies
    Who cares about hot chicks?
    Bad because this is such a hard and frustrating quiz someone please help me!
    I like Pies
    Um think I did average enough
    Ah great I think I have got every question right so far
  • 10
    OK last question, there is no question
    I hate pies now
    No I want more
    Yah I'm finished no more annoying load of crud

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