Who Wants You At Hogwarts?

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Hello and welcome to this quiz -Who Wants You At Hogwarts -! Every found yourself gazing, unblinkingly, at the TV screen when a HP film is on and suddenly realising...you fancy on of the characters? Yeah, me too. So I made this quiz. See who would REALLY want you if you went to Hogwarts...

  • 1
    What is your favourite colour?
  • 2
    You often find yourself thinking about the _________ guys.
  • 3
    You're in Hogwarts Castle and suddenly it goes really dark. What do you do?
    Grin - the Darkness Powder is working
    Panic and start to scream - you hate the dark
    Sigh and tell your friend to stop mucking about or you'll be late for lesson
    Ignore the darkness and just keep walking until you eventually find your classroom
  • 4
    You're sat at home reading your favourite book when there is a loud bang at the door. You open it to find a Death eater -mask and everything- pointing his wand threateningly at you, who then says, "Join the Dark Lord or die!" How do you reply?
    Plea for mercy
    Pull out your own wand quickly and duel until either ones death
    Slam the door, run upstairs and hide until you're sure he's gone. Then dash round to a friends house to blubber about it.
    Push up your left sleeve and show off your Dark Mark
  • 5
    You've gone over to the Dark Side and are in a battle when suddenly you come face to face with your best friend. She, however, is not on the Dark Side so Voldemort orders you to kill her. What do you do?
    Freeze on the spot - oh God! It's not even like you want to be on the Dark Side, you were forced!
    Kill her - anything for your lord. And anyway, she was never really your friend.
    Face your friend and mouth the word 'RUN!'
    Refuse and prepare to duel with the Dark Lord and die an honourable death
  • 6
    You're walking past McGonagall Transfiguration room and see a wallet -full of money- lying on the floor. At the minute, you're short of cash and really want the new racing broom. What do you do?
    Hand it in to McGonagall honestly for her to deal with
    Hand it into McGonagall but make sure you pocket £10 for being a good citizen
    Keep it - wow, everyone will be so jealous now
    Just leave it and resist the temptation
  • 7
    You're playing Wizarding Spin The Bottle with your friend in the Common Room. On your turn it lands on 3 - kiss someone. Who do you pick?
    Harry Potter - he's so famous, it'll make me look good, and oh, so cute!
    Cedric Diggory - he'll be loyal if afterwards you decide to get together
    Justin Finch-Fletchly - because Ravenclaws always know how to treat you
    Draco Malfoy - because sly is sexy
  • 8
    You love to read and pop down to the school library for the ninth time this week. Finally, you decide on a book. What book is it?
    A spell book with practical, everyday things - like how to make dishes clean themselves
    A Novel by your favourite writer
    A Defence Against the Dark Arts book, with lots of spells for withholding dangerous enemies
    A book all about that Dark Arts from the Restricted Section - as long as no one knows you've got it, you're alright
  • 9
    The prefects are given the job of creating a club from their Heads of House. It has to be a club that everyone in that particular house will enjoy. What club would you pick? -no House limitations for you!
    DA - Dumbledores Army - to learn defensive spells and to fight against Voldemort
    DDA - Dark Arts Appreciated - to learn all about the Dark Arts and discussion of the Dark Lords power and rising
    LC - Language Club - the clever few who want to learn other, foreign languages, and meet international Quidditch teams to practice the language
    HC - Herbology Club - for those who like plants
  • 10
    You are asked to fill out a quick (confidential) survey about Hogwarts. The first question is: 'Who is your favourite Head of House?' Who would you pick?
    Professor Fillius Flitwick
    Professor Severus Snape
    Professor Pomona Sprout
    Professor Minerva McGonagall

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