How Much Does Your Crush Care About You? [For Girls]

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  • 1
    When he sees you, does he...?
    come over and say hi
    does nothing but leaves
    ignores you and goes to his friends
    doesn't come over but keeps staring at you
  • 2
    When your having a bad day and its obvious, he...?
    tells you to get a life
    cheers you up and makes you laugh
    rolls his eyes and walks away
    struggles to make you smile
  • 3
    When you cry in front of him, he...?
    hugs you and says "everything will be alright"
    makes fun of you in front of a million people
    ignores you and moves away
    tells you how much he hates seeing you cry
  • 4
    When you try talking to him, he...?
    talking back to you but sounds bored
    looks excited and talks fast
    stumbles for words while blushing
    ignores you completely
  • 5
    When you walk beside him, does he...?
    just stays silent while looking around for his friends
    moves away
    stays quiet but keeps glancing at you
    chats with you while trying to hold your hand
  • 6
    When you talk to boys around him, he...?
    stares at the boys with envy
    glares at you while looking jealous
    flirts with girls
    doesn't care
  • 7
    When you sit at the same table as him, he...?
    doesn't ever look at you and sits a few seats away
    tries his best to sit close to you
    pretends to not care but keeps glancing at you
    looks at you in disgust and sits at different table
  • 8
    On your birthday, he...?
    forgot it was your birthday
    gives a gift to your friend so he/she can give it to you
    acts normal
    gives you a gift and hugs you happy birthday
  • 9
    Before the weekend, he...?
    says "I'll see you next week"
    says "I'll talk to you later on AIM"
    says "Bye"
    doesn't say a thing to you
  • 10
    When he sees you staring at him, he...?
    rolls his eyes
    comes over and teases you about checking him out jokingly
    blushes and looks at you while your not looking
    glares at you with anger
  • 11
    When he sees you fall, he...?
    walks by without helping
    runs over immediately to help you
    helps you up while asking "Are you okay?"
    laughs at you
  • 12
    When you blush because he's staring at you, he...?
    laughs and tells you how much he loves seeing you blush
    says "Haha! You are so weird"
    blushes back and looks away
    rolls his eyes

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Jess ( 6.229 )
Posted 4 days ago
This quiz was insanely helpful to me, thank you! It made me realise that my crush probably doesn't care about me, but I needed to know that, as much as my heart aches with the results. Thank you again, hoe you have a great life helping people😘😉😜😃😀