Trivia of The Dark Knight

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Test your knowledge of Gotham's most famous crime-fighter.

  • 1
    Who is Batman's secret identity?
    Bruce Wayne
    Victor Zsasz
    Matt Murdock
    Bob Kane
    Oliver Queen
  • 2
    Which superhero's mother shares a first name with Batman's mother?
    Green Lantern
    Flash (Wally West)
    Flash (Barry Allen)
  • 3
    What happened to Batman's parents?
    They were murdered by Two Face.
    They left him at birth.
    Nothing out of the ordinary.
    They were crushed in a cave while doing research on bats.
    They were shot dead in front of him on their way home from the movies.
  • 4
    Which of these friends of Batman never became a villain?
    Harvey Dent
    Thomas Elliot
    Dick Grayson
    Hal Jordan
    Jason Todd
  • 5
    Which of these is NOT another name for Batman?
    Matches Malone
    The Caped Crusader
    John Jones
    The Dark Knight
    Bruce Wayne
  • 6
    Who was the last person Batman had to face off against in the famous: The Dark Knight Returns?
    His younger self
    Two Face
    Dick Grayson
  • 7
    Which of these people never knew Batman's alter-ego for sure?
    The Riddler
    Barbara Gordon
    Robin (Jason Todd)
    Commisioner Gordon
  • 8
    Which of these assists Batman's butler in guarding the Batcave?
    Batman's wife
    Several "Bat-bots"
    A robotic T-rex
    A shotgun
    Ace the Bat-hound
  • 9
    Who of these has never been the Mayor of Gotham City?
    Hamilton Hill
    Daniel Dansforth Dickerson III
    Marion Grange
    Armand Krol
    Gillian Loeb
  • 10
    Which of these actors has never been in a Batman movie?
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Danny DeVito
    Alec Baldwin
    Billy Dee Williams
    Heath Ledger
  • 11
    Who assisted Bruce Wayne in rebuilding Gotham City after it was destroyed by a huge earthquake?
    The Joker
    Lex Luthor
    Lucius Fox
  • 12
    How did Barbara Gordon (the original Batgirl) loose use of her legs?
    She wrecked the Batmobile after trying to sneak out with it.
    She was shot at point-blank range by the Joker.
    Somebody cut her Batrope.
    She was attempting to save Jason Todd's mother from being caught in an explosion.
    She lost a fight with Supergirl.
  • 13
    Who admitted to being Holiday in Batman: The Long Halloween?
    Carmine Falcone
    The Joker
    Dick Grayson
    Harvey Dent
    Alberto Falcone
  • 14
    What do Batman and Willy Wonka have in common?
    They both enjoy wearing colorful clothing and run a secret midget slave system.
    Both were invented in 1939.
    Both had films directed by Tim Burton.
    Both of their first films were released in 1989.
    Christopher Lee was in a version of each movie.
  • 15
    According to Batman, criminals are...
    "simply men and women who have lost their way."
    "a superstitious and cowardly lot."
    "not unlike myself."
    "some of the smartest people you're likely to meet."
  • 16
    Which of these was not a Batman movie?
    Batman and Robin
    Batman Forever
    Batman Begins
    Batman Continues
    Batman Returns
  • 17
    The Joker believes that being crazy...
    is just an act.
    is harder than it seems.
    is a disease.
    can be the result of a really bad day.
    is an honor.
  • 18
    Who did Batman marry and have a son with?
    Lois Lane
    Talia al Ghul
    Black Canary
    Selina Kyle
  • 19
    Which of these is not spotted in the Batcave?
    A statue of a T-Rex.
    The remains of Jason Todd.
    A giant penny.
    Several Batmobiles.
  • 20
    What did Batman create to keep an eye on the members of the Justice League of America?
    another alter ego as a photographer
    Brother I satellite
    the Batspy satellite
    the Justice League comm. links
    Nothing. He stated that they were the first people he'd lay all of his trust in.

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