What kind of person are you?

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Have you ever wondered what people say about you behind your back? Take this quiz to find out how people categorize you!

  • 1
    How do you usually spend your weekends?
    In the library. I need to study for that quiz coming up in two months.
    Scaring little kids in the mall until they run away screaming.
    It depends on what my friends are doing.
    Getting my nails done with my Purse Puppy named Donald! DUH!
    Saying stupid things to random people to make them laugh.
  • 2
    Who do you usually talk to before school?
    My fellow pranksters. We need to figure out how to make the principal smile.
    The chess club. I need to improve my strategy.
    Anybody I know. I like to keep a variety.
    Nobody wants to talk to me. I scare them to much.
    Only the popular kids.
  • 3
    A new movie theatre just opened near your neighbourhood. What do you go see?
    Whatever my friends want to see. I prefer to see a variety until I see what I prefer.
    I don't go to movie theatres. I'm too busy studying for that test.
    The new comedy with Larry the Cable Guy and Robin Williams. I need to study some of their funniest lines.
    I don't go to movie theatres. The seats are disgusting and their food gives me pimples.
    The new horror movie.
  • 4
    The holiday dance at your school is coming up. Who do you go with?
    My whole group of friends. That way, nobody is left out and we all have a great time.
    I don't go to dances. I'm to busy studying.
    I don't go with anybody. I'm to busy playing DJ to dance anyway.
    Nobody. I'm to busy scaring people at the mall to go anyway.
    The football captain to make all of the other girls jealous.
  • 5
    The bookstore in the mall is having a sale. Buy one get one free. What kind of books do you get?
    The Big Book Of Studying Tips. My study technique isn't nearly good enough.
    That new joke book I've been looking at. I need new ways to make people laugh.
    None. Books are for geeks.
    The book my best friend has been looking at. I'll surprise him on Monday when I give it to him.
    The new Stephen King book.
  • 6
    It's summer vacation and school's out! Where do you go first?
    My friends invited me to go camping with them and the rest of the gang.
    The alleyway between Creepy Blvd. and Nightmare St. to scare people as they pass by.
    Comedy Camp so I can get some tips.
    To the spa to get my nails done.
    Straight to math camp.
  • 7
    You see two people getting in a fight. What do you do to stop it?
    Step in between the two fighters and give them an hour long lecture about why fighting is wrong.
    Nothing. I don't want to break a nail.
    I step in and pull the two people apart even though I get hit a couple of times in the process.
    I distract them with a funny joke.
    Nothing. I'm too busy laughing.
  • 8
    It's Valentines Day. How many Valentines do you get?
    None. I'm to busy giving out prank cards to accept any.
    A couple from the chess club.
    A lot. A couple from my friends, a couple from those guys a couple lockers down, and a couple from random people I don't even know.
    Too many to count. Everybody loves me.
    None. Nobody gives Valentines to the creepy kid.
  • 9
    You see a wounded animal in the middle of the road. What do you do?
    Take it to an animal shelter.
    Take it to my house and care for it and then keep it as a pet.
    Ignore it.
    Nothing. I don't want any disease from that filthy creature!
    Take it home and study about it.
  • 10
    People would describe you as:
    Smart, intelligent, and a book worm.
    Funny, smart, and a great friend
    Funny, cheerful, and brilliant
    Preppy, popular, and conceited
    Creepy, quiet, and scary
  • 11
    Somebody disses your friend. How do you react?
    Diss the guy who dissed my friend. Nobody disses my friends without my fighting back.
    Nobody disses my friends because I have none.
    Give them a long lecture about why dissing people is mean.
    Think of something funny to say to cheer my friend up.
    Laugh along with the rest of the crowd, not noticing that my friend is crying her eyes out.
  • 12
    What's your favorite thing to do?
    Make people laugh.
    Scare people.
    Hang out with my friends even if we have absolutely nothing to do.
    Get my nails done.
  • 13
    What's your favorite holiday?
    April Fools Day.
    Valentine's Day because I get more cards than anybody!
    Christmas so I can get gifts for all of my friends.
    National Studying Day! Wait...that isn't a holiday is it?
    Halloween so I can scare people!
  • 14
    Who is your worst enemy?
    That little twerp who is friends with everybody.
    The comedian in the classroom next door.
    Nobody. I think it's wrong to have enemies,
    The football players. They scare me.
  • 15
    Last question. Did you like this quiz?
    Yes it was okay.
    It was very interesting, but not as interesting as Abraham Lincoln's speeches!
    No, it makes me sound like a snob.
    I thought it was very nice.

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