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Complete each sentence and find your best (and worst) quality at the end. ...It's fun!

  • 1
    When life gives you lemons...
    Make lemonade.
    Squirt the lemon juice in someone's eyes and then walk away laughing.
    ...Sprinkle sugar on top!
    Make grape juice and then sit back and let the world wonder how you did it.
  • 2
    When in doubt...
    Shoot it again.
    Poke it, it's squishy...
    listen to your instincts.
  • 3
    is a beautiful thing that should be preserved. Everyone deserves to live.
    was given to me so that I can stand out from the boring common people.
    Comes before death.
    was made for walking, and that's just what they'll do... oh, wait. Wrong song.
  • 4
    Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long..
    Ooh! *_* Shiny penny!
    You'll have good luck!
    Um... uh... you'll have one cent?
    You'll have a stupid penny. Big whoop.
  • 5
    An apple a day...
    Keeps the doctor away.
    Is better than five brussels sprouts a week; yuck!
    Is usually red.
    ...If you save up those apples every day, you can lob them at people.
  • 6
    A penny saved...
    Is another penny to be donated to charity.
    Is one stinking cent! GOSH!
    ...HEY! There's that stupid penny from before! Don't worry, I'll get it! *stomps on penny* There. It's dead.
    Is a penny earned.
  • 7
    Make new friends and keep the old...
    And then you'll have a big pot of friendship! Mmm!
    One is silver and the other gold.
    And then kill them all and get arrested and grow old.
    One is silver and the other gold... but which ones are which...? O_o
  • 8
    Don't put your eggs into one basket. What does that mean?
    Destroy the eggs! *slurps egg yolk* Delicious.
    *giggles* It means don't put your eggs into one basket, silly goose! Or else you'll have scrambled eggs a la dirt! *cracks up at own joke*
    It means that if you put everything you have into one idea, and the idea fails, you will lose it all.
    Um... don't buy a chicken, I guess.
  • 9
    The early bird...
    Catches the worm.
    Is my breakfast.
    Catches the worm. Wait... so the worm should, like, sleep in, right?
    Sings the prettiest song... *strokes bird's back*
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    This quiz was...
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    Pretty nice!
    All right.
    HORRIBLE. Stupid... uh... *looks down* Um... Quizzler Twizzler. O_o

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Elsbeth ( 43.35 )
Posted 294 days ago
Nice quiz:)
I really enjoyed it and it is accurate