Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse Quiz!

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Do you know your Twilight?

  • 1
    The books take place in....
    Disney World
    Washington, DC
    Canterbury Village
  • 2
    Jacob is a _____ and Edward is a ______.
    Werewolf, Vampire
    Unicorn, Pixie
    Vampire, Werewolf
    Centaur, Faun
    Ghost, Zombie
  • 3
    Bella loves ______ but loves ______ more.
    Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom
    the Muppets, Sesame Street
    Jacob, Edward
    Michael Angelo, George Washington
    Edward, Jacob
  • 4
    Bella's dad's name is _______ and they live in_____.
    Renee, Florida
    Kermit, New Jersey
    Kyle, New Mexico
    Bobby Joe, San Francisco
    Charlie, Forks
  • 5
    Bella really wants to be a vampire, but Edward wants her to ____ first
    marry him
    go to the beach
    go to college
    marry Jacob
    say goodbye to her parents
  • 6
    In New Moon, the evil vampire_______ tells Bella that _______ is going to kill her
    Lawrence, Victoria
    Anna, Maria
    Bob, Mary
    Oscar, Penny
    Victoria, Lawrence
  • 7
    When Edward goes in the sun light, his skin
    Blows up like a balloon
    turns to chocolate
    turns purple
    shrivels up
    Sparkles brightly
  • 8
    Edwards "parents" are
    Oliver and Lily
    Carlisle and Esme
    Edgar and Cleopatra
    Katie and Mortimer
    Romeo and Juliette
  • 9
    Edwards "siblings" are
    Emily Josh and Ryan
    Barbie, Kelly, and Ken
    Bob and Joe
    Penny, Wendy, Kyle, and Veronica
    Rosalie, Emmet, Alice, and Jasper
  • 10
    Jacob____Edward and _____ Bella
    loves to scare, loves to talk to
    is crept out by, is scared of
    is jealous of, is upset with
    hates, loves
    loves, hates

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