Are You Cool?

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Are you as cool as you think you are or are you just a looser, freak or geek?

  • 1
    Everyone laughed because someone squirted lemon juice on a geek in your class and he was going to get a serious whipping from his parents if his new shirt got messy. How do you deal with it?
    You go and help the guy/gal and after that go back to hanging with your mates. Everyone deserves a chance
    I back down because my friend think It would spoil my reputation.
    Hey I am the geek and I'm going to be seriously hurt! (snort...)
    I laugh at the stupid geek and look in the mirror to see if I'm as cute as usual!
  • 2
    It's the weekend before exam week. What do you do?
    I hang out with my mates for a bit, and study for a little while as well so that it's equally balanced out.
    I study every single minute, apart from toilet and snack breaks. I also go to bed early so I can study early the next morning.
    My mum says that I should stay at home and study, while my friends are telling me to go with them somewhere, but I back out because my mum says she'll give me a treat afterwards!
    I go shopping! Duh! What do you think I'd do? STUDY? NO WAY!
  • 3
    You get your results back and notice that you got and F on one of your subjects. How do you go about it?
    I say to myself that I'll just study harder for my next test and get on with life!
    I am crying tremendously! My mum and dad won't give me that special surprise they were willing to give me for ever so long!
    I say whatever! I am filthy rich and I am going to the mall any how!
    That can't be ME! I never get an F on anything!
  • 4
    You Have to go to your aunt's funeral THIS Saturday and yet, the biggest School party is happening! What do you do?
    I'd go to the funeral because my parents said they'd get me the new Eye Toy on PS2 for my birthday if I did!
    I'd go to the party! Duh! Funerals are so upsetting!
    I don't go to anyone. I'd rather stay at home and hang on the computer.
    I'd go to the funeral and have a fresh party of my own the next day!
  • 5
    Two guys/girls have asked you to go to this annual ball with them. Who do you pick/what do you say?
    I go with who my mum approves of.
    I go with the gal/dude who likes me the most and probably the first one who asked me.
    I go with the hot gal/guy! The other one may be a geek!
    I don't get asked because I don't like people. I'd rather hang out at my own crib!
  • 6
    How old are you?
  • 7
    What colour is your hair?
    normal/Dirty Blond/Brown/Black(normal)
    Red/Pink/(any strange dyed hair colour)
    Golden Blond
    Black and frizzy
  • 8
    What is your favourite word?
  • 9
    So you think you're a good friend?
    Yes! But I can't keep track of all of them, so sometimes I leave someone out by mistake!
    No not really!
    Yes I have many, but I treat each with respect.
    Off Course! Especially to my mall buddies!
  • 10
    It's the end! You think you'll turn out as:
    Correctly Cool
    Cowardly Looser
    Geeky Geek
    Fashion Freak

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