Who are you most like in Final Fantasy 9?

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Ever wondered who you are most like in Final Fantasy 9? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You've just been sent to protect a beautiful/handsome princess/prince, what is the first thing you do?
    Wait, I am the princess/prince though...
    Swear to protect her/him with all your life
    ...I don't know. Nothing...I guess.
    Protect? Princess/Prince? As if that affects me.
  • 2
    The princess/prince is kidnapped, what do you do?
    Nothing. I don't care about her/him.
    ...I'm the princess/prince...
    Find the thief and retrieve the princess/prince back! It's my duty!
    Um...why would the princess/prince be kidnapped if I'm protecting her/him?
    I'm the one kidnapping her/him.
  • 3
    You meet someone who has a cat/monkey-like tail, what is the first thing that crosses your mind?
    Suspicious. I've got to keep a sharp eye on him/her.
    You mean? Another person like that? Like me?
    I'd be really confuse and wonder why
    Maybe they know what/who I really am...
    Instantly think that they're insane; something isn't right with them.
  • 4
    If you could choose one, what would your occupation be?
    Occupation...? I really don't know.
    A black mage
  • 5
    You've just been defeated, what do you think you're enemy is going to do?
    At least I served honourably before death
    ...Maybe I wasn't meant to be made if I was only to be defeated...
    Defeated? Me! Never!
    I'm barely ever able to get out of the castle/house though...
    They're going to end it now...
  • 6
    Suddenly you've gone quiet and rarely speak, for what reason?
    I'll never be quiet until death! Not when I have so many duties to fulfil!
    Why should you care?
    I just saw my mother's dead body...
    I'm already quiet...it's....just me.
    Quiet? Never.
  • 7
    You see the most beautiful/handsome girl/guy in your life, what do you say?
    Nothing....maybe, "Hi"
    Want to go out sometime? Maybe...today?
    "How may I serve you?"
    Nothing, not unless he/she can help me escape
    Say? I'd say nothing. I don't care about them. I'm an individual.
  • 8
    What would you do if I repeated the same question?
    I'd be patient and wait
    Demand to know why you repeated the same question
    I wouldn't be hanging around you...
    Wonder why you repeated the same question
    Think you have serious brain damage
  • 9
    Who do you hang around?
    My fellow Knights
    My friends--thieves
    I don't know....I don't really hang out with anyone...I guess...I kind of...wander
    No one.
    Well...the servants I guess...
  • 10
    You are surrounded by a bunch of thugs, how do you fight them off?
    I'd summon something, otherwise, I'd just hit them over the head with my staff
    Black Magic
    I use my knuckles or throw something at them
  • 11
    Someone you care about falls down, what do you do?
    Go help them and bring them to safety
    I'd be the one falling...
    I'd go and serve them the best I could
    Nothing. I don't really care about anyone.
    I'd help them back up and check that they're okay
  • 12
    What word would you use to describe yourself?
    Awesome! ...and maybe flirts-a-lot...

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