Twilight Series Trivia

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Most of these questions have answers that you will only know if you REALLY paid attention to all of the books. So, I hope you remember small details...

  • 1
    In Twilight, what is one thing that Bella mentions she is taking to Forks with her?
    A parka
    A CD
    Her diary
    A picture of her mother
    Her ancient computer
  • 2
    Who is the first Cullen family member that Bella describes when she first sees them at the lunch table on her first day?
  • 3
    When Edward takes Bella to their meadow in Twilight, what does Bella do to cause Edward to run around, break a tree, etc.?
    She inhales his scent
    She mentions the night she was almost attacked
    She kisses him
    She touches his skin
    Her heart starts beating irregularly
  • 4
    In Eclipse, why does Edward think that Bella has stabbed Jacob?
    There is blood everywhere in the kitchen when Jacob leaves
    There is blood on a knife from when Jacob held it to hard in his hand
    She told Edward she did
    She really did stab him
    He slipped and fell into a pile of glass
  • 5
    What decades of music does Edward hate?
    70's and 80's
    50's and 60's
    50's and 90's
    None, he loves all music
    60's and 70's
  • 6
    In New Moon, when Jessica and Bella are driving to Port Angelis for a movie, and Bella switches the radio station, what does she leave it on?
    Nothing, she turns it off
  • 7
    In Eclipse, who is the narrator of the epilogue?
    I don't read the prologues or the epilogues
  • 8
    Who are the two newest members of the Quileute pack in Eclipse?
    Jacob and Billy
    Paul and Sam
    Quill and Embry
    Emily and Leah
    Leah and Seth
  • 9
    After Bella gets sick from the blood in Biology, Edward drives her home. What composer is playing in the Volvo's stereo?
    Claire De Lune
  • 10
    In New Moon, what finally brings Bella out of her "daze"?
    Jessica asking her to a movie
    Jacob phasing
    Seeing Laurent in the meadow
    Edward talking to her
    Charlie, yelling at her during breakfast
  • 11
    What does Jacob say that he is not, when he, Bella, and Edward are camping in the mountains?
    A kid
    A Saint Bernard
    A watch dog
    A space heater
    A werewolf
  • 12
    Does Jacob ever imprint on Bella?
    No, otherwise he would have told her he was a werewolf right away
    Yes, he even tells her...and Edward...that he is in love with her
    It doesn't ever say in any of the books
  • 13
    ***Double Question!*** A)Who is older, Carlisle or Esme? B)What is Edward's biological father's name?
    A and B) It never says so in any book
    A)Carlisle B)Edward Masen Sr.
    A)Carlisle B)Carlisle Cullen
    A)Esme B) Anthony Masen
    A) Esme B) Edward Masen Sr.

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