Which Medicine Cat are You?

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Which medicine cat from the Warriors books by Erin Hunter are you? You can be Spottedleaf, Yellowfang, Cinderpelt, Leafpool or Mothwing.

  • 1
    Which Clan are you in?
    RiverClan, but neither of my parents were.
    ShadowClan, then ThunderClan, then StarClan
    ThunderClan, but I joined StarClan.
    ThunderClan, but I loved a WindClan warrior... *sigh*
    ThunderClan all the way!
  • 2
    What do you think about StarClan?
    If they really existed, they wouldn't let such awful things happen. I don't believe in StarClan.
    I can't go there yet! I'm too young to die!
    I'm in it, though I still speak to the cats I left behind.
    It is where I finally found peace.
    Please show me the way, StarClan!
  • 3
    I say Firestar, you say_____
    Other leader
  • 4
    Have you ever been in love?
    Er...yes...but he has another girl now and it doesn't matter!
    I HAVE NO MATE! I HAVE NO KITS! Don't you know medicine cats don't have kits?
    Yes, but it's over now.
    No, why do you ask?
    Er...no... *stares longingly into space*
  • 5
    What color would your pelt be?
    Gingery brown
    Gray and long
  • 6
    How did you die?
    I was killed by a badger while protecting the nursery.
    I was killed by a ShadowClan warrior.
    I died in a fire, trying to save a Clan mate.
    I didn't... but I almost wish I had.
    I didn't, and I've been told I have a long life ahead of me.
  • 7
    Have you ever had an apprentice?
    Yes, it was Leafpool.
    Yes, it's Willowpaw... but I can't mentor her properly without Leafpool's help.
    Yes. It was Cinderpelt, the only cat who can put up with me. *chuckles*
    Yes, it is Jaypaw.
  • 8
    Which describes you best?
    Loving and sweet.
    Calm and smart.
    Energetic yet kind.
    Worried and sad.
    Independent and sharp-tongued.
  • 9
    Pick a quote:
    The whole Clan will be my kits!
    You can't love me... I'm a medicine cat...
    Fire alone can save our Clan!
    If they really existed, they wouldn't let him torment me like this!
    Sometimes cats die, and there's nothing any cat can do about it, not even me.
  • 10
    Which cat is your favorite?
    Yellowfang and Firestar

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