What Naruto Ninja are You?

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Are you a Genin, a Sanin or a Hokage? Or, are you something else? Find out what Ninja you are?

  • 1
    You are asleep at 1:00am when suddenly 3 Ninja's burst through your windows and are ready to attack you, what do you do?
    You say" Back off! You punks don't know who you're messing with!"
    You just lay there perfectly still and snicker to yourself and say" Big Mistake..."
    You go out of control in a silly way and start beating them up without breaking a sweat
    You start to hesitate and sweat because you are worried that you are going to die
  • 2
    You manage to survive the attack and you can't sleep so you head of to a 24 hour taco shop. You're eating your tacos when More ninja burst through the door. What do you do?
    You repeat the process you did earlier, only you're being serious this time.
    You say "I told you guys to get lost, now you're really in for it!"
    You get so scared you jump out of your chair.
    You put your taco down and stand up. You have your head looking at the ground so no-one can see your face.
  • 3
    One of the Ninja's says "We have been ordered to assasinate you! So say your prayers, Kid!" What do you do?
    You say a really cool comeback and attack!
    You raise your head revealing Sharingan or Byuakugan and say: "I warned you, now your going to get it!"
    This time you go mad and pulverise these Ninja's!
    You try to defend for yourself but the Ninja's are tougher than you thought.
  • 4
    You seem to win against them again, but you made a mess while doing so. The manager go crazy and tells you to clean it up! What do you say?
    "All right, All right! Jeez, what a grouch!"
    "It would be my pleasure."
    "I've got better things to do."
    "OK, I'll get started. Could you tell me where the cleaning closet is?"
  • 5
    If you chose Profile B then you head home and get a Good Nights sleep.If you chose A, C or D, then you start cleaning. You begin to fall asleep. You realise that you need to go home. What do you Do?
    You are sleeping
    You think "I can't stop till this place is spotless..."
    You think "I'm so tired." And you head on home.
    You are still wide awake and washing plates.
  • 6
    After you've done you go home and get into your bed. Just as you put your head on the pillow and close your eyes the alarm on your clock rings. It's time to begin training with your sensei. What do you do?
    You get frustrated but get up anyway. You pack your things and leave.
    You realise that it's time to get up so you do. After you're dressed you head over.
    You're already there before your sensei.
    You've already had breakfast and you left half an hour early.
  • 7
    When you arrive your sensei wants you to try your tactics. You must pick a tactic(s)
  • 8
    After training is over Ino invites you all to a small party celebrating her birthday. What do you do?
    You say "I'll meet you there!"
    You say "I would be delighted."
    You don't care.
    You hate Ino and choose not to go.
  • 9
    After the party you head home and realise how late it is and you quickly go to bed.
    If you didn't go to the party you are already asleep. Do you Snore or not?
    You do not snore
    You do not snore
    You Snore
  • 10
    You wake up very early and think that to wake your self up you might go training by yourself. Will you train or not?
    You decide to train
    You stay in bed
    You decide to train
    You decide to train

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