Does He Like You?

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Suspicious acts of FLIRTING? Find out if his seemingly casual flirting might be more...

  • 1
    During Intramurals, or any sport type thing involving physical activity, you happen to run into him. What does he do?
    Sort of catches you so you don't break your nose on the hard ground and teasingly tells you to watch where you're going.
    Grabs you melodramatically and holds you for as long as he can to make it look real.
    He scoots over while you're falling so that you break your nose when you hit the ground, but at least you didn't touch him!
    Says sorry and goes on his way.
    Screams "EW" like an immature brat and proceeds to go tell all his friends about his gross experience.
  • 2
    During class the teacher is giving an incredibly boring lecture on harassment and you look over at your crush, who is trying his best not to laugh, and he spots you looking at him. He...
    smiles at you and you communicate with eye rolls and other motions throughout the rest of the lecture.
    I really wouldn't know, because once I saw him looking I instantly looked away.
    sticks his tongue out at you and makes a disgusted face, then whispers to his friend that you were staring at him.
    looks at you for a second, then looks away.
    loses his concentration on not laughing and has to stuff his fist in his mouth to keep from making a sound because of the look on your face.
  • 3
    OK so picture this: It's an assembly or something where you either have to sit on chairs, bleachers, or the floor, and your crush is conveniently next to you. He...
    acts like the kid next to him doesn't have enough room and uses that as an excuse to sit closer to you.
    scoots over for no reason whatsoever except to be by you.
    ignores you. Acts like you're invisible.
    Looks a bit unhappy but doesn't say anything. He doesn't want to hurt your feelings.
  • 4
    In homeroom you and your crush got placed right by each other for the rest of the semester! While talking, he says stuff like:
    "I can't wait for after school. Me and my buddies are going to go watch Monday Night Football at my house!"
    Are you kidding me? He doesn't talk to me.
    "Did you see how funny it was when _____ did _____? I almost died laughing." (You say you don't know what he's talking about and he goes on to explain it in vivid detail.)
    "What are you doing after school? We should catch a movie sometime!"
    "Well, this is going to be a long semester."
  • 5
    It's the night of the skating party. OK, OK, it might not be as good as prom or whatnot, but there are THREE WHOLE COUPLE SKATES that you are dying to share with your crush. What would happen at the skating party?
    You'd boost your confidence with a couple cans of Monster and a lot of friends, go over to the guy and ask him to skate with you.
    He asked a friend to ask you if you wanted to skate with him, or you asked a friend to ask him.
    Nothing. You were too shy to go ask him and he didn't ask you.
    He'd come over and ask you himself. He'd even buy you a cheap plastic ring from the skating rink.
    During the three couple skates, he didn't skate with anyone, and once or twice you thought you saw him staring wistfully at you, like he wanted to ask you but couldn't.
  • 6
    There's a big project coming up, and the teacher says to divide into groups of three with at least one girl and one guy in each group. You:
    invite yourself into your crush's group. They are pleased to have you there.
    go with your best friend and her boyfriend. You were too nervous to ask your crush to be in his group.
    are the last one chosen and have to go with two nerdy, geeky guys who are wearing suspenders.
    are immediately invited into the group of your crush and his best friend.
    are chosen by your crush because he knows you are good in that subject. Only because you are good in that subject.
  • 7
    Does your crush have a nickname for you?
    Yes. He calls me stuff like Sweets and Babe and Cupcake.
    Kind of. He calls me Candy because whenever he sees me I happen to be pigging out on junk food.
    Sort of. He calls me stupid sometimes, and also idiot and moron!
    No. What are you talking about, crazy woman?
    Yes. It's a fragment of my real name, like "Nae" instead of "Renae."
  • 8
    Say you and a friend are going to a movie. Your crush just happens to be there. You go to talk to him and find out that he's going to the new alien movie. That's the same one you are going to. You tell him:
    "Hey, I'm going to that one too! We should sit by each other!" and he says "Um...can't you see I'm here with a DATE?"
    "Do you want to sit by me during the movie?" and he says "Yeah, that will be fun!"
    "Hey, I'm going to that one too! We should sit by each other!" and he says "Thanks, but I'm meeting some guys and I think I'm going to sit with them.
    "Oh, that's cool. I'm going to that one too. Maybe we could sit by each other?" and he says, after a big hesitation, "Sure...okay..."
    "Hey, I'm going to that one too! We should sit by each other!" and he agrees. He even buys you popcorn and a drink to share. Your friend kind of gets left out: D
  • 9
    Picture this: there's this major ice slope on the playground of your school. Your group of friends has claimed it and all the younger kids better stay the hack off. But there's one guy your crush despises, and he wants to trip him. Your crush comes and tells you the plan of how to trip him. You:
    participate in the humiliation of the kid. Your crush smiles at you, gives you a high five, and tells you what a nice job you did.
    follow the plan exactly except not everyone did so your crush ended up being tripped and he lands on top of you and he hastily gets up and mumbles sorry with a big blush. Then his friends are all hooting at him and wolf whistling.
    joyfully leap into the action and somehow your crush gets tripped and tumbles right into you. He knocks you over accidentally but offers you a hand to pull you back up, like a gentleman.
    don't participate. You don't want to be involved in something like that. Then, when the plan fails, your crush chews you out for not helping.
    watch from a distance and laugh at the appropriate moments. Your crush is annoyed but forgives you.
  • 10
    Finally, the END! The final question! You and your crush flirt:
    What? Flirt? Never heard of it. Not with my crush.
    Lots. There's a lot of smiling and joking around. Friends tease you and tell you you've been "bitten by the love bug."
    Not a lot, not a little. Medium amount.
    Constantly. Your friends get jealous of you because they want a guy to flirt with them like that.
    Little, a bit. Mostly just what he does with everyone.

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