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  • 1
    If you saw the president walking down the street, would you:
    Pee in your pants
    Ask him if he likes cheese
    Chuck a grenade at him
  • 2
    You go to the movies and sit down and then Justin Timberlake sits down next to you and you're a huge fan! You:
    Ask him if he likes brie cheese
    Pee in your pants and try not to let him see
    Chuck a grenade at him
    Walk away and quickly find anther seat with your heart pounding
  • 3
    You're having a sleepover at your house and a masked guy tries to crawl through the window! You:
    ask him if he likes cheddar
    Chuck a grenade at him
    pee in your friend's sleeping bag
  • 4
    You walk into your country club, and are told that your membership has expired! You:
    FAINT (it's so scary! I'm banished!)
    Chuck a grenade at the manager!
    Pee in your pants
    Eat cheese to recover yourself!
  • 5
    You are shopping at The Gap and someone shouts, "I LIKE CHEESE!" in your ear. You:
    You accidentally ask him on a date and run away screaming after he says, "yes"
    Chuck at grenade at him
    Say "I like cheese too!"
    Pee in your pants!
  • 6
    You're at the fish mart and the manager says, "You just won a free tomato!" You:
    start peeing all over the floor because you didn't make it to the bathroom
    run away- you are scared of tomatoes!
    chuck a grenade at him because you hate tomatoes!
    feel disappointed, so you ask hopefully, "Can I have cheese instead?"
  • 7
    You walk into a dress store and the hottest guy in school asks you out on a date. You:
    Pee in your pants and hope he doesn't notice
    Chuck a grenade at him-you don't like cute guys!
    Faint after you say yes because he's so hot and you're scared what the bully who likes him will say
    Say "By golly, in the maker of cheese, I'd love to!"
  • 8
    You see the meanest girl in school cheating on her boyfriend. You:
    run away (they saw you). You may get beat up!
    are so happy that you can get a chance with her old boyfriend you pee on a old man's hot dog
    pull out cheese from your pocket and nibble it to see if you're seeing right.
    chuck a grenade at them and hope they get the message
  • 9
    Your best friend says "Cheese is the worst food on earth!" You:
    Chuck a grenade at her
    pee in your pants
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?
    Yeah, but I would rather be throwing a grenade at someone
    It freaked me out!
    It made me pee in my pants
    I nibbled cheese the whole time and, yes, I liked it.

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