Who are you most like in Twilight?

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Ever wondered who you were most like from Stephanie Meyer's stunning series, "Twilight"? Take this quiz and find out if you're Jacob, Bella, Edward, Alice, or Esme.

  • 1
    If you could have one super-natural ability, what would it be?
    see the future
    ...I don't know
    Read minds
    does being able to care and love everyone count as an ability?
    Be able to transform into a giant wolf!
  • 2
    You are in love with...
    a very kind, handsome doctor
    a girl/guy that's older than me, but absolutely beautiful/handsome
    the average girl/guy....and I'm attracted to her/his blood
    an impossibly handsome guy that's secretly 100+ years old...
    someone who was/is part of a military
  • 3
    You're trying to get information from someone about something important but the information is very secret, how do you trick them into telling?
    I read their mind
    I wouldn't trick anyone into telling, it's rude to pry
    I try my best to flirt with them
    I see the future
    I'm the person whose being tricked...
  • 4
    If you had your choice, what would you spend the majority of your time doing?
    kissing my boy/girlfriend...hanging out is okay though....
    hanging out with my boy/girlfriend who doesn't believe that I'm dangerous...
    I don't know...maybe just hanging around...
    hanging out with my Hopefully-Soon-To-Be-Boy/Girlfriend
  • 5
    You describe yourself as...
    ...sometimes, a monster....
    clumsy...too clumsy to have any talents...
    addicted to shopping...
    the sun
  • 6
    You wish to...
    become a vampire
    go shopping every minute of the day
    have my friend realize how much they really love me and that I'm the better choice for them
    keep my adopted sons and daughters from cheating and such
    keep my girl/boyfriend human and safe
  • 7
    If you could be whatever age you wanted to be, what age would you be?
    17...but I turned 18...
    17...I look 17 but I'm really 100+ years old
    whatever age I can still shop at is fine with me!
  • 8
    There's going to be a huge fight, what do you do?
    Fight in it, of course!
    lay back and hang out with my boy/girl friend because s/he begged me not to go
    I'd prefer not to fight but I will....
    beg my boy/girl friend not to fight!
  • 9
    Someone you care about feels lonely because you, or someone else, left them, thinking it was for their own good, what do you do?
    I'd be the one leaving them...it WAS for their own good....or that's what I thought...
    Comfort them, of course!
    I'd feel sad and later go back to check if they're alive...
    I'd wish we didn't have to leave them...
    I'd be the one lonely...
  • 10
    What do other people describe you as?
    light, graceful
    handsome/beautiful and flawless
    Clumsy, but likable
    kind, caring, loving

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