Does He/She Like You Back, for Teens?

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The ultimate test extraordinaire! Is your love obvious or not so much? Find out today by taking this magnificent test!

  • 1
    It's a basketball game, and your crush is sitting dangerously close to you...he:
    is slowly scooting over towards you while coughing for a cover up
    is trying to find any other place to sit than by you. Bribing some other kid with candy to get his spot.
    is deep in conversation with you. He/she loves talking to you and making you laugh.
    is blushing because his/her friends are all whistling at him/her and teasing him/her.
    is staring at you with a look of disgust, like you have a booger hanging from your nose or something.
  • 2
    Your friends tell you that they think your crush is fattish. Not fat but on the chubby side. You:
    can see where they're coming from but you still don't like it.
    frown at them but don't say anything.
    draw your sword and challenge them to a duel. How dare they blaspheme your crush!
    feel very insulted. They insult him/her, they insult you!
    agree. Have you ever SEEN the guy/girl in a swimsuit? But you like him/her for who he/she is.
  • 3
    Your BFF or other good friend thinks it would be really, REALLY funny to pretend to take a picture of someone else while really getting a picture of your crush for you. Well, when they're trying, your crush isn't looking, so they yell their name really loudly and try to take a picture. You:
    let them, and your crush actually poses for the picture! ...okay, a little weird, but that's just a quirk of your crush.
    blush furiously and run away and hide under a rock or something.
    Let them go ahead. It's not you taking the picture.
    Slap the stupid $500 camera out of their hands so it almost snaps in half. You regret this later when you realize the scene you made.
    grab them by the ear and furiously whisper for them to cut the crap.
  • 4
    WOW! You are sitting RIGHT next to your crush in your new seating arrangement. When you got the new seats, the primary thing on your crush's mind was:
    I can't wait for lunch...we're having MEATLOAF! YUM!
    OMG, it's just my luck that (enter your name here) and I have to sit by that freak in front of me. Look at her, she's ugly and depressing.
    Oh...I get to sit by what's your face....(enter your name here)...
    This is an okay spot. It could have been better...
    WOW! I can't believe I get to sit by (enter your name here)!
  • 5
    Pick the best description: When your crush looks at you, his eyes are:
    dull...have you ever considered that you might be boring him.
    squinty, because he's smiling so big as you laugh together at a joke or someone else.
    sparkly. His eyes shine when he talks to you and they twinkle when he laughs
    big. The pupils are dilated really big. Although he might be drinking Mountain Dew.'s not YOU he's looking at...
  • 6
    A teacher is really confusing and gives the class a huge assignment when you don't know how to do anything. Your crush:
    mutters evil swear words under his/her breath and when the teacher turns their back to them, flips the teacher off.
    says "JOHNNY COPAHALA, BACK ON BOARD!" like they're swearing it. Then they have to go sit in the hallway for being disrespectful.
    immediately begins working efficiently on the assignment
    laughs at the little stupid who don't get it. Your crush is smart enough they can ace this one.
    doesn't say anything, but makes a face at the teacher.
  • 7
    Picture this: you're in the school library with your whole class and the librarian is the butt of everyone's jokes, and the librarian shouts at the class that "if we don't shut up, detentions will be flying," Your crush:
    immediately gets a book titled "A bibliography on the history of goats." and begins reading it enthusiastically.
    runs around the library, flapping arms, and shouting "I'm a flying detention!" making sure you are watching and laughing.
    makes a face at librarian but doesn't say anything. Doesn't want a detention.
    keeps talking, gets a detention, and doesn't care, because he/she was talking to YOU.
    starts passively reading a soothing book.
  • 8
    There is this perverted guy who you don't like and is sitting very, extremely close to you. Your crush:
    gets really jealous. Gets up and starts a war with the guy.
    laughs. Thought it was funny at your discomfort.
    exchanges exasperated glances with you but then kind of forgets about you.
    ignores you, like usual.
    gets up and slaps the guy with the back of his hand for you. Makes the poor kid cry.
  • 9
    Your crush is a:
    take charge person. Always has to be in charge and the leader.
    meek individual. Will be leader if asked to or is good at particular subject, but most of the time not.
    pushy guy. Likes things his way or the highway, but knows how to deal with loss.
    medium guy. Knows how to go with the flow but also stand out from the crowd.
    pushover. Always following a higher authority.
  • 10
    What do you want the most to happen between you and your crush?

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