What magical creature are you?

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We all know if we are a mermaid or a fairy, but what about the other creatures that aren't so common? I'm not actually sure why you would want to find out. But you should, just as an amusing fact if anyone ever happens to ask you (It will happen).

  • 1
    What colors would you decorate your room with?
    Cool Colors (Purple, Blue)
    Warm Colors (Red, Orange)
    Pretty much anything or White
    Earthy Colors (Brown, Grey)
    Pastels (Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Lavender)
  • 2
    What is your favorite kind of shoe?
    I don't really know. Something that fits, I suppose.
    Bare Feet!
    High Heels
    Something sensible but cute
  • 3
    Your friend asks you to keep a secret, you:
    It's gone as soon as my "friend" leaves!
    Try your very hardest to keep it, but if it slips out, oh well.
    Keep it for a while, who are you going to tell?
    Keep it for a few months.
    Keep it forever. You don't want to betray that trust.
  • 4
    Your little sister draws you a picture. You can't tell what it is. What do you do?
    I ask her right to her face what it is.
    I smile and give her a big hug! It's special no matter what it is.
    I go around asking other people what they think it is.
    I will gently ask her in a few days.
    I go and eat while I ponder what to do. I eventually don't do anything.
  • 5
    You will name your kids:
    Something that grabs your attention (Madison or Max)
    Something nice (Hannah or Matt)
    Something unique (Rita or Britt)
    Something short and heavy (Mark or Amber )
    Something soft and fluffy (Sophie or Daniel)
  • 6
    After school or work you would love to be:
    Doing something exciting with my friends
    I don't really know, just laying in my bed reading.
    Playing a sport
    Watching TV and eating good food
    People watching
  • 7
    Your favorite stuffed animal is a:
    Eagle or Squirrel
    Parrot or Tiger
    Horse or Dog
    Fish or Unicorn
    Stuffed animal? HA!
  • 8
    You are getting your hair cut. You decide to get:
    The same style you have had for years
    Something I can put into a ponytail
    Maybe some layers and bangs
    Something exciting. Maybe short and spiky!
    Long and straight. I never wash or brush my hair anyway
  • 9
    When you go shopping at the mall, you automatically go to your favorite store. What is it?
    I love all the sporting stores and places with sensible clothing.
    Anywhere where I can get in and out fast, where the clothes are sensible and not to pricey!
    Dillard's, Old Navy, the usual. I can get what I want there.
    Oh! I love Wet Seal and Victoria Secret!
    The book store!
  • 10
    Look in a mirror. Your general reaction is:
    It's me. Okay then.
    Hey! That person's pretty good looking!
    Bit overweight. oh well.
    Oh....pretty.....although I should take a bath.
    I look fine.

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