KH I and II and all others test

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This is a quiz to test your knowledge in storyline so don't worry if you didn't pass the game with all the side quest.

  • 1
    When was Roxas born?
    When Sora is absorbed by the sphere of darkness in Destiny Island
    When Sora was born
    After Sora beats Dark Riku ( Ansem) for the second time in Hollow Bastion
  • 2
    What is the name of the previous keyblade master before Sora ( content shown in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep )?
  • 3
    Who does Sora think is Kairi in Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories?
    A heartless in the form of Kiari
    A copy of Kiari Vexen created
  • 4
    Why did Riku obtained the Dark Keyblade in Hollow Bastion
    Cause he betrayed Sora
    Because he had a strong heart
    Cause he had a dark heart
    Because Ansem had taken over his heart
  • 5
    By who was Roxas captured in The World that Never
    Was so Sora could wake up?
    King Mickey
  • 6
    Which are the fake keyblades Roxas uses?
    Oathkepper and Oblivion
    Lionheart and Metal Chocobo
    Three Wishes and Pumpkinhead
  • 7
    Who was supposed to have the keyblade?
  • 8
    How did Sora took way the keyblade from the person of the answer above?
    By having his heart be stronger in that moment
    By beating him/her on battle
    By stealing while he/she slept
  • 9
    What are nobodies?
    Nothing at All
    The brothers of the heartless
    People born out of other people
  • 10
    Why did Sora turn into such a pathetic heartless?
    Because his heart was weak
    Because Riku told him to
    Because he didn't had a lot of darkness in his heart

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