High School Basketball Basics

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This test is designed to gage your understanding of basketball basics at the high school level.

  • 1
    When playing man to man defence and you are only one pass away what hand needs to be in the passing lane?
    No Hands
    Both Hands
    Ball Side Hand
    Right Hand
    Left Hand
  • 2
    Define boxing out.
    Going for the rebound and then shooting if you get the ball.
    Getting in front of the other player and forcing them away from the hoop.
    Getting in front of the other player and jumping.
    Getting in front of the other player and going towards the hoop.
    Having a boxing match outside so you don't break your mom's lamp.
  • 3
    What statement best describes a motion offence.
    A set play like Razor to get a quick bucket.
    An offence that uses both sides of the floor with the players having constant movement.
    An offence that has everyone standing around except who has the ball.
    An offence ran only against a zone defence.
    An offence that uses only one side of the floor with the players having constant movement.
  • 4
    When using a diamond press what is the main responsibilities of the wings?
    Foul who ever comes by them.
    Steal the inbound pass.
    Hustle back on defense.
    Guard the area only in front of them.
    Cut off side line, Trap, Cover In bounder.
  • 5
    What are the three options a player has in the triple threat position?
    Call Timeout, Shoot, Pass
    Shoot, Dribble, Pass
    Shoot, Dunk, Foul
    Travel, Dribble, Pass
    Shoot, Dribble, Double Dribble
  • 6
    When someone is passing you the ball what is the first thing you want to do?
    Come to the pass.
    Juke the defence.
    Try to score.
    Catch the ball.
    Call timeout.
  • 7
    On defensive play number 7 what is the responsibility of the bottom person.
    Play them straight up.
    Foul to stop the clock.
    Cut off baseline.
    Force them baseline.
    Steal the ball.
  • 8
    There are less than 2 minutes to go in the game and you are down by 8, what defence should you be in?
  • 9
    The best way to break a press is to
    Pass the ball to the middle
    Hold the ball for 10 seconds.
    Call timeout.
    Dribble up the sideline
    Through the ball deep.
  • 10
    The quickest way to get the ball up the floor is to
    Call timeout.
    Dribble it
    Shoot it
    Pass it