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This is the greatest movie quiz for Trekkies minor Star Trek fans. It’s not extremely hard, but you have to have seen all the movies to a 100%.

  • 1
    THE MOTION PICTURE: What does Dr. McCoy have at the beginning of the movie that he doesn’t have in the Original Series (or later, for that matter)?
    An artificial hip
    A beard
    An artificial heart
  • 2
    THE MOTION PICTURE: What is the name of the alien Enterprise helmsman that goes to join V’Ger?
    Captain Willard Decker
    The Klingon Captain
  • 3
    THE WRATH OF KHAN: What is the name of the ship that Khan hijacks?
    USS Grissom
    USS Enterprise
    USS Reliant
  • 4
    THE WRATH OF KHAN: Out of the choices below, who does not die in this movie?
    Captain Clark Terrell
    Kirk’s son, David
    Scotty’s nephew
  • 5
    THE WRATH OF KHAN: What is the animal, and what planet is it on, that takes over Captain and Pavel Chekov?
    Ceti Eel on Ceti Alpha IV
    Ceti Eel on Ceti Alpha VI
    Ceti Eel on Ceti Alpha V
  • 6
    THE WRATH OF KHAN: What is the name of the test that Saavik fails at the beginning of the movie?
    The Psychological Test
    The Starfleet Entrance Exam
    The Kobayashi Maru Test
  • 7
    THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK: What ship is assigned to stop Kirk from stealing the Enterprise (it is also supposed to be the “Pride of the Fleet”)?
    USS Reliant
    USS Intrepid
    USS Excelsior
  • 8
    THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK: What are the words Kirk speaks as he kicks Klingon Commander Kruge into the lava?
    “I have had enough of you!”
    “You Klingon %@$%^, you killed my son!”
    “Perhaps it IS a good day to die!”
  • 9
    THE VOYAGE HOME: What year do Kirk and his group travel back to, and what city do they go to?
    1994, New York
    1986, San Francisco
    1985, San Francisco
  • 10
    THE VOYAGE HOME: Who do the crew on the Klingon Bird-of-Prey meet in the past?
    Dr. Zefram Cochrane
    Edith Keeler
    Dr. Gillian Taylor
  • 11
    THE VOYAGE HOME: Who does Spock give a neck pinch to in San Francisco?
    A punk on a bus
    A soldier on the Navy’s USS Enterprise
    Dr. McCoy, which he gives his Katra to
  • 12
    THE VOYAGE HOME: Who is in Starfleet headquarters while it is under attack that reappears in The Undiscovered Country?
    The UFP President
    James T. Kirk
    Admiral Cartwright
  • 13
    THE FINAL FRONTIER: Who is the character most prominent character throughout the movie, and what is their quest?
    Spock’s half-brother, Sybok, who is searching for God
    James T. Kirk, who is searching for the great barrier
    Spock, who is searching for the meaning of life
  • 14
    THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY: Where is the secret peace conference, which also becomes the sight for devastating massacre?
    Outpost Sierra VI
    Camp Khitomer
    Tarsus IV
  • 15
    THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY: Who is the Starfleet officer aboard the Enterprise which turns out to be a traitor?
    General Chang
    Admiral Cartwright
    Lt. Valeris
  • 16
    GENERATIONS: What ship was on its maiden run when part of its hull was breeched resulting in Captain Kirk’s “death”?
    The El-Aurian ship, the Robert Fox
    USS Enterprise-B
    The El-Aurian ship, the SS Lakul
  • 17
    GENERATIONS: What is the Solar System in which Dr. Soran decimated the sun in order to move the Nexus into his path?
    The Ceti Alpha System
    The Rigel System
    The Veridian System
  • 18
    GENERATIONS: What is installed in Data that impairs his decision making and duty?
    Isolinear Chips
    An emotion chip
    Another Memory Ingram
  • 19
    GENERATIONS: Who besides Dr. Soran was on the El-Aurian ship (who also reappeared in the Next Generation)?
    Captain Rachel Garrett
    Beverly Crusher
  • 20
    GENERATIONS: Who is found near the end of the movie that causes "joy" to Data?
    Deanna Troi
    Captain Picard
    His cat, Spot
  • 21
    FIRST CONTACT: Who is the helmsman of the Enterprise-E who eventually is assimilated?
    Reg Barclay
    Lt. Hawk
  • 22
    FIRST CONTACT: Who is drunk in the bar with Cochrane when Will Riker walks in?
    Deanna Troi
    Beverly Crusher
  • 23
    FIRST CONTACT: What is the temperature of a Borg ship that also becomes the temperature of the Enterprise in Engineering?
  • 24
    FIRST CONTACT: What is the Enterprise-E assigned to do instead of engage the Borg because of Picard’s conflict of interest?
    Patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone
    Observing the Dominion activities
    Patrolling Federation outposts
  • 25
    INSURRECTION: Who are aliens at the formal banquet on the Enterprise at the beginning of the movie (of which the leader gives Picard a ceremonial headband)?
    The Ba’ku
    The Evora
    The Son’a
  • 26
    INSURRECTION: What was Worf experiencing on the planet of the Ba’ku?
    D’k tahg
  • 27
    INSURRECTION: Which of these lines is not from Insurrection?
    “Mr. Worf, you need a haircut.”
    “Lock and Load.”
    “No uniform, no orders.”
    “Tough little ship.”
  • 28
    NEMESIS: What is the name of Data’s twin android that is found and assembled?
  • 29
    NEMESIS: What is the race of Praetor Shinzon’s first officer?
  • 30
    STAR TREK: What is the theme/subject for the XIth Star Trek movie?
    Captain Janeway’s Admiral Days
    Kirk's Early Years in the Alternate Universe
    Captain Picard’s Death

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Geoff S ( 0.203 )
Posted 68 days ago
Please disregard the last comment.

I now know I misread it. The question states "NOT FROM'. My bad.
Geoff S ( 0.203 )
Posted 68 days ago
Number 27 has a mistake.
INSURRECTION: Which of these lines is not from Insurrection?

“No uniform, no orders.”

Sorry, you didn't choose a correct answer. Right answer: “Tough little ship.”

“Mr. Worf, you need a haircut.”

“Lock and Load.”

Tough little ship is actually what Riker said to Worf in First Contact.
I was right about 'Lock and Load' which Data said in Insurection.