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How well do you know "Titanic"? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Who plays Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater?
    Matt Dillon/Diane Lane
    Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet
    Rob Lowe/Emma Watson
  • 2
    Who forbids Rose to meet Jack again?
    Nobody forbids Rose from seeing Jack...
    Rose's mother, Ruth
    Jack's friends
  • 3
    What does Cal give to Rose?
    A diamond ring
    The Heart of the Ocean
    A million dollars
  • 4
    Where do Jack and Rose meet up after dinner?
    In Rose's part of the ship
    At the clock
    Under the decks
  • 5
    Rose's mother thinks of Jack as...
    A perfect husband for Rose
    A poor young boy
    A dangerous insect that needs to be squashed quickly
  • 6
    How much money does Rose give Jack to draw her?
    One dollar
    10 cents
  • 7
    How much money does Cal plan on giving Jack for saving Rose?
  • 8
    Jack is from...
    Chippewa Fall Dawson
    Chicago Fall Dawson
    Hogwarts Dawson
  • 9
    Who gives Jack a suit to wear to dinner?
    Tommy Ryan
    Molly Brown
  • 10
    Who says "Can I bum a smoke?"
  • 11
    What does Rose say to her mother before her mother boards the life boats?
    "Goodbye, Mother"
    "I'll see you soon!"
    "I love you, mom"
  • 12
    What does Rose promise Jack?
    That she will never let go
    She will marry him later on
    She doesn't promise him anything...
  • 13
    Who gives Rose a life jacket?
    Mr. Andrews
    The Captain
  • 14
    How does Rose register her name?
    Rose Andrews
    Rose Lowe
    Rose Dawson
  • 15
    How does Rose free Jack?
    Finds spare keys
    With a fire axe
    With a hammer
  • 16
    What does Jack like about Paris?
    There is good food
    Lots of girls are willing to take their clothes off
    There are lots of things to paint
  • 17
    Why is the money gone for Rose and her mother?
    Rose's father died, leaving many debts
    Rose's mother spent it all on clothes
    Rose used it to go to college
  • 18
    What does Jack teach Rose?
    To draw
    To dance
    To spit like a man
  • 19
    How does Jack describe falling through thin ice?
    A cold cup of water
    A thousand knives stabbing you all over your body
    Jack never fell through thin ice...
  • 20
    Who sings "My Heart Will Go On"?
    Diane Lane
    Kate Winslet
    Celine Dion

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